Ghani kicks off distribution of electronic identity cards

Salaam Times

KABUL -- President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the distribution of electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC) Thursday (May 3), the president's office said in a statement.

First Lady Rula Ghani accompanied the president to obtain their e-NICs during a ceremony in Kabul.

Ghani pointed out that the distribution was taking place in the face of recent terrorist attacks in Kabul.

"Most likely Monday's [April 30] suicide bomber had a fake Tazkira [National ID Card]," Ghani said, referring to an attack in Kabul that killed at least 25 people, including nine journalists. The "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) claimed responsibility.

"Therefore, the security of the Afghan people is important to me... we have to know who is Afghan, and biometrics can show where the person is from and what is his [or her] background," he said.

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Javed | 06-01-2018

Good job thanks Ashraf ghani


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