Police thwart potential suicide bombing in Kabul


KABUL -- A suicide bomber targeting a blood drive for victims of recent attacks blew himself up in Kabul on Monday (May 7) after being spotted by police, officials said, causing no other casualties.

The foiled attack comes exactly a week after a double bombing in the Afghan capital killed 25 people, including nine journalists.

The suicide bomber detonated himself after being spotted and shot at by police in Shar-e-Naw park in the heart of Kabul, police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai told AFP.

Stanikzai said the bomber had been trying to reach a temporary blood donation centre that had been set up in the park.

"The attacker was killed. There were no other casualties," he added.

"The enemy is changing its tactics every day; we are also trying to adapt and change our tactics," Interior Minister Wais Barmak told members of parliament Monday.

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