Taliban and ISIS are two sides of same coin, says Hekmatyar

Salaam Times

KABUL -- The Taliban and the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) are the same and only their flags differentiate them, said former militant commander and one-time Taliban ally Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Monday (September 24), TOLOnews reported.

"The Taliban and Daesh [ISIS] are the same; only their flags and names have changed. They were friends ... and they have shared aims and similar slogans. Only the white [Taliban] flag changed to [ISIS's] black," Hekmatyar said Monday during a meeting in Kabul with residents of Nangarhar Province.

"Anyone who continues the war and creates problems against peace ... is the enemy of the people, [our] religion and the country and is serving foreigners," he said during Eid prayers in Kabul last month.

Such groups are fighting for foreign interests but blaming it on the presence of international forces in Afghanistan, he said.

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