Senior Taliban member arrested by special police in Kandahar

Salaam Times

KANDAHAR -- The General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU) arrested Mullah Baran, a senior Taliban leader, during an operation in Dand District, Kandahar Province, the Interior Ministry said in a statement Tuesday (November 6).

The operation took place Monday (November 5) in Mut Qala village, said the statement.

Separately, the GCPSU personnel defused a motorcycle packed with explosives in the Pul Kandahari area of Mohammad Agha District, Logar Province, the statement added, without providing details on the timing.

"Discoveries like this demonstrate the ever-increasing capability of Afghan National Security Forces to protect the civilians from indiscriminate IED attacks," the statement said, referring to improvised explosive devices.

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Comment bubble | 11-08-2018

wish they arrest more than senior of taliban and than killed



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