'Delusional claim': Kabul rejects new report on Mullah Omar

Salaam Times and AFP

KABUL -- The Afghan government Monday (March 11) rejected a report that suggested former Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar lived near a US military base in Afghanistan before he died.

"We strongly reject this delusional claim, and we see it as an effort to create and build an identity for the Taliban and their foreign backers," Haroon Chakhansuri, spokesperson for President Ashraf Ghani, tweeted Monday.

"We have sufficient evidence which shows he lived and died in Pakistan. Period!" he said.

According to a new biography by a Dutch journalist, Bette Dam, Mullah Omar lived within walking distance from a US military base in Zabul Province for three years before he died in 2013.

"I have piles & piles of evidence which shows he lived & died in Pakistan," retorted Amrullah Saleh, who was head of Afghan intelligence from 2004-2010.

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