Crime Justice

Iranian regime provides 'massive support' for Afghan drug traffickers

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij paramilitary force are heavily involved in drug production and trafficking and are enriching drug traffickers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Taliban behead disabled farmer in Sar-e-Pul who rejected extortion demand

The farmer, who had six children and suffered from physical and mental problems, was shot 22 times then beheaded by Taliban militants for not paying ushr.

Teenagers recount brutal Ramadan gang rape by Taliban militants in Faryab

Six Taliban militants broke into a family's home, beat the mother and father, and proceeded to gang rape their two teenage daughters on the first night of the holy month.

Mina Mangal, former journalist turned parliament adviser, killed in Kabul

Women's-rights activists said Mangal had recently written on social media that she felt her life was in danger.

Execution of civilians by Taliban kangaroo court outrages Afghans

Activists and religious scholars have denounced the Taliban's sham courts and called for justice to be handled by legitimate courts.

Abduction of women in Ghazni signals Taliban's aim of bringing back oppression

Abductions and other abuses by the Taliban often go unreported to 'protect women's reputation'.

Forced labour of Fatemiyoun members in Iran is 'akin to slavery'

Recent images showing members of the Afghan militia -- made up mostly of Afghan refugees -- cleaning streets in Iran is further proof of Tehran's false promises to refugees.

Taliban's 'merciless' killing of engineer reinforces citizens' enmity toward militants

The militants continue to show 'backward beliefs' and violate principles of Islam and humanity, citizens say.

Taliban murder pregnant woman, unborn child in Sar-e-Pul

The woman reportedly criticised the Taliban by calling their war against the government 'illegitimate'.

Viral video of Iranian officer beating Afghan refugees sparks public outrage

Afghan immigrants are speaking out against the violence committed by Iranian border guards and officials.

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