In photos: Afghans begin clean up after losing 'everything' in deadly floods

At least 35 Afghans were killed by flash flooding in at least 5 provinces.

In photos: Afghan forces rescue families trapped by flood waters in Kandahar

Afghan security forces have rescued about 400 families.

Kabul faces water crisis as drought, population strain supply

The capital's population has more than doubled in a generation and is draining its aquifers almost twice as fast as precipitation can recharge them.

Afghan farmers fleeing drought face more hardship in camps

Almost 2.2 million Afghans have been affected by drought in multiple provinces, which has displaced residents and destroyed crops, livestock and water supplies.

Afghan farmers flock to cities as record drought ravages countryside

Thousands of despairing farmers are abandoning their land and moving their families to town to survive.

Kunar eyes local medicinal herbs as way to improve economy, health

As part of an effort to develop Kunar's economy, officials are considering ways to leverage the medicinal herbs that flourish in the province's forests.

Taliban call for planting trees derided across Afghanistan

Afghans condemned Taliban chief Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada's message as a sick joke.

Rescuers battle to reach Afghan avalanche victims

Avalanches took at least 137 lives, with the death toll expected to rise, officials say.

Kabul residents benefit from road improvements

More than 310,000 people have benefited from road and drainage upgrades under the Kabul Municipal Development Programme, a project of the World Bank.