Human Rights

Civilians say Taliban use of human shields shows weakness, cruelty

The Taliban take shelter in civilian homes in an attempt to protect themselves from Afghan and international forces, officials and residents say.

Using drought as excuse, Taliban seek 'humanitarian' aid

Asking foreign humanitarian and aid organisations to help support Afghanistan's drought-affected areas is a money-making ploy for the Taliban.

Awaaz Afghanistan toll-free hotline offers information, assistance in 1 call

Afghans can dial 410 to report humanitarian emergencies, seek assistance or receive critical information on conflict or on natural disasters.

Save the Children suspends operations in Afghanistan after ISIS storms Jalalabad office

The attackers killed at least three people and injured 24 before Afghan security forces ended the assault.

Afghan Syria war recruits face broken promises in poverty-stricken Iran

Unable to provide for its own citizens, the Iranian regime is likely to increase abuse of Afghans living in the country, observers warn.

Iran subjects Afghan children to hard labour, beatings before deportation

Between September and October this year, Iran deported 1,316 Afghan children, subjecting them to abuse contrary to international laws and conventions.

Afghanistan slams Iran for recruiting children to fight in Syria

Evidence suggests Iran is sending Afghan refugees as young as 14 to the frontline.

Iraq left to care for ISIS fighters' children

The burden of identifying, accommodating or repatriating the abandoned or orphaned children of ISIS foreign fighters has fallen on Iraq.

In Kabul, UN chief calls for peace, increased humanitarian aid

UN Secretary-General António Guterres visited a camp for displaced persons, where he spoke about the need for a political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.

Taliban face increasing public anger, pressure

The Taliban have done nothing but harm innocent civilians, and Afghans say they have had enough destruction and want to rebuild.

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