In photos: Afghans demand peace as Ramadan comes to an end

During the holy month security forces have increased their efforts to prevent the Taliban from attacking worshippers and religious rituals.

In photos: Afghan army observes Ramadan while ensuring security

Soldiers say the 'fight for their people and religion' continues during the holy month.

Ceasefire awakens Taliban fighters' longing for normal life

The split between the Taliban leadership, which has vowed to continue the war, and regular fighters appears to be growing larger by the day.

In photos: Afghans celebrate Eid ul Fitr with joy and hope for the future

For the first time in many years, Afghans celebrated Eid ul Fitr without fear as the Afghan government and Taliban militants observed a temporary ceasefire.

Kabul police praised for preventing massive attack on mosque

Police prevented two ISIS suicide bombers from entering the prayer hall of a crowded Shia mosque.

The spirit of Ramadan in Afghanistan: prayer and charity

Afghans celebrate the true spirit of Ramadan despite an uptick in violence at the start of the Muslim holy month.

ISIS strips Syrian cities of the joy of Ramadan

Decorations and lights are absent from the streets of Syrian cities under ISIS control, as the group quashes traditional customs and festivities.

In Iraq, citizens celebrate Ramadan 'with the taste of victory' over ISIS

Following the expulsion of ISIS from most areas of its last stronghold in Iraq, residents are preparing to observe the holy month without fear.

Afghans welcome Ramadan with spirit of charity

The culture of helping the poor becomes more prevalent during the holy month.

Afghans call on ISIS, Taliban to cease attacks during Ramadan

Afghans want militants to show respect for the holy month and to stop their campaigns of violence and terror.