The Taliban's endless war is not jihad, Kunar residents say

Participants of a gathering on June 2 released a six-article declaration urging the Taliban to make peace, observe a ceasefire and hold direct talks with the Afghan government.

Taliban's destruction of shrine in Ghazni is un-Islamic, religious scholars say

The militant group continues to show its hostility toward Afghanistan's heritage and culture.

Taliban attacks on mosques in Takhar demonstrate ignorance of Islam

While the Taliban claim to revere religious sites and scriptures, they continue carry out attacks on mosques, exploiting Afghans' faith and trust in religion.

ISIS mocks burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, calling it 'retribution'

The statement is the latest sign of ISIS's disregard for cultural heritage and its spurious interpretation of Islam.

Praying behind Taliban member not justified in Sharia, says Afghan scholar

Afghan opposition politicians meeting with Taliban representatives in Moscow were seen praying behind a member of the Taliban in a hotel lobby.

Al-Qaeda calls for the destruction of ISIS and its 'deviant' caliph al-Baghdadi

Al-Qaeda says ISIS members are unable to understand Islamic texts and are bent on carrying out treason and treachery wherever they have influence. The same however could be said of al-Qaeda.

Taliban's war 'prohibited by Allah', ulema say in Saudi Arabia

More than 100 ulema from 57 countries issued a statement supporting the Afghan government's continuing peace efforts and denouncing the Taliban's ongoing campaign of violence.

Rare silk Koran helps preserve Afghanistan's cultural heritage

The Koran took 2 years to complete and is 'priceless' from a religious and artistic perspective, according to the master calligraphers who worked on it.

Religious scholars gather in Kandahar, call on Taliban to make peace

Participants of the meeting, which included government officials and members of the Afghan High Peace Council, declared the Taliban illegitimate in the eyes of Islam.

More than 1,800 Pakistani scholars declare suicide bombing haram

Suicide bombers, as well as those who support and train them, are traitors against Islam, according to a newly issued fatwa.

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