Major Taliban losses in Ghazni restore sense of normalcy for many residents

Residents are rejoicing in their newfound freedom after security operations eliminated many top Taliban commanders in Deh Yak and Khwaja Omari districts.

Continuing clashes between ISIS and Taliban plague residents in Nangarhar

Both groups have committed 'limitless cruelty' and respected neither holy month of Ramadan nor Eid, said one local resident.

Taliban disrupt telecommunications in Takhar following defeats on battlefield

The Taliban have shut down telecommunication services from 5pm to 5am in retaliation for being beaten back by Afghan forces in the area.

Fatemiyoun fighters disguised as refugees pose 'grave' threat to Afghanistan

The Iranian regime secretly sends a number of Fatemiyoun fighters every day to Herat Province disguised as refugees in a bid to stoke religious conflict in the country.

Rural Afghans bear brutal cost of militants' war

'We hope that the Taliban comes and makes peace... so that no one gets killed or wounded in this country,' said Shafiqullah, 15.

Taliban's 'Operation al-Fatah' meets stiff resistance in Zabul

Afghan forces have stymied the Taliban's efforts to control certain districts in the province, and new operations are being planned against the militant group.

Iranian-made rocket in Kandahar shows Tehran's continued support of Taliban

Concerns continue to grow over Tehran and Moscow's support for the Taliban and their bid to derail the peace process.

Taliban leader's rejection of Eid ceasefire draws ire of Afghans

Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada's message of war has earned him the nickname 'the enemy of peace'.

Surrendered Taliban fighters in Farah vow to defend Afghan forces

The group brought with them machine guns, mortars, vehicles and ammunition, and pledged to defend and support the Afghan security forces.

Taliban detains People's Peace Movement marchers in Helmand

About 25 marchers are being held by militants, according to members of the movement.