Iranian bank ordered to leave Afghanistan amid speculation of terrorism financing

Arian Bank was engaged in illegal activities on behalf of the Iranian regime, including financing the Taliban, say observers.

Eyeing more trade, Pakistan prepares to keep border with Afghanistan open 24/7

Tribal elders on both sides of the border hope the move will improve brotherly relations, while traders are optimistic for a boost in business.

War shatters glassblowing craft in Afghanistan

As the craft declines, survival is becoming a growing challenge for the glassblowers in Herat, including Ghulam Sakhi, whose family has been making Herati glass for '200 or 300 years'.

Iran's continued export ban worsens economic situation in Afghanistan

Iran's ban on exporting more than 100 commodities, including foods and construction materials, has led to increased economic instability and price surges in local markets.

Afghanistan in dire need of professionally trained civil servants: experts

Professional, trained staff working in government institutions are essential for growth and development, authorities say.

Civil servant hiring programme begins to have impact on Afghan government

The Capacity Building for Results programme is recruiting specialists to improve performance and reduce corruption in government ministries.

TAPI offers benefits and risks for a conflict-torn region

Pakistan and Afghanistan hope for plentiful natural gas to stabilise their troubled economies.

Uzbekistan, Pakistan to boost co-operation

The resumption of flights by Uzbekistan Airways will boost co-operation between two terrorism-affected countries.