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Forced labour of Fatemiyoun members in Iran is 'akin to slavery'

Recent images showing members of the Afghan militia -- made up mostly of Afghan refugees -- cleaning streets in Iran is further proof of Tehran's false promises to refugees.

Taliban's 'merciless' killing of engineer reinforces citizens' enmity toward militants

The militants continue to show 'backward beliefs' and violate principles of Islam and humanity, citizens say.

Taliban murder pregnant woman, unborn child in Sar-e-Pul

The woman reportedly criticised the Taliban by calling their war against the government 'illegitimate'.

Viral video of Iranian officer beating Afghan refugees sparks public outrage

Afghan immigrants are speaking out against the violence committed by Iranian border guards and officials.

Afghans welcome government crackdown on warlords, power brokers

The Afghan government is committed to fighting all illegal armed groups, including warlords, unauthorised armed groups and other violent power brokers, officials say.

Afghans welcome government probe of sexual abuse in women's football

Six members of the Afghanistan Football Federation have been suspended as the Attorney General's Office investigates allegations of physical and sexual abuse involving female players.

Senior officials, generals among those held accountable on corruption charges

The government has adopted sweeping anti-corruption reforms, enabling the Attorney General's Office to prosecute and imprison dozens of senior officials.

Afghans fighting for Iran in Syria to face prosecution at home, officials warn

The warnings refer to Afghans recruited by the Iran-backed Fatemiyoun Division, which fights on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia.

Afghan authorities arrest 12 officials on corruption charges in Torkham

Afghan officials have accelerated efforts to curb corruption in Torkham, a major border crossing in Nangarhar Province along the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier.

Afghan 'mullah' on the run after sex tapes surface on social media

The 'mullah' is accused of sexually exploiting and raping several women who had gone to him for help, prompting local religious leaders to sentence him to death by stoning.