Attacks on Afghan schools soar, depriving children of education: UNICEF

More than 1,000 schools were closed by the end of 2018.

Students resume studies in Haska Mina following ISIS defeat

Temporary facilities are being used as schools until buildings destroyed by militants can be rebuilt.

Taliban turn girls' schools into military bases in Sar-e-Pul

Taliban militants have shuttered 22 girls' schools in Kohistanat and Sancharak districts and threatened educators and students.

Afghan army provides students in Herat with much-needed hope, supplies

The donations help out impoverished families and spur students to attend school.

Herat officials encourage enrolment as students head back to school

The Afghan government is taking steps to bolster education as opportunities continue to grow, while more and more people are urging the Taliban to 'stop killing the spirit of eduction'.

Kunduz sets sights on building 100 new school buildings

The move will help improve education in the region as many students have been forced to study in open spaces because of damaged or destroyed facilities.

In 'preposterous' claim, ex-Taliban official says militants protected girls by denying their education

In reality, the Taliban acted out of ignorance and wanted to keep a generation of Afghans illiterate and malleable, religious scholars and education officials say.

Volunteers collect more than 8,000 books for Jalalabad public library

The campaign also raised about 100,000 AFN ($1,320) for the library to purchase additional books.

Taliban depriving thousands of Kunduz girls of an education

Besides denying girls access to schools, the Taliban hire their own teachers, monitor school attendance and provide their own curriculum.

Activist's bike journey spreads message of education across Afghanistan

Idrees Syawash, with a small library mounted to the back of his bicycle, plans to ride to every province to spread a message of literacy and education.