Charmaghz library bus brings reading to Afghan children

The library bus stops at schools, parks and orphanages, serving as many as 300 children daily.

Takhar officials vow to resist Taliban's closure of schools

An operation is underway to clear areas under Taliban control to allow the province's 11,000 affected students to return to class, local officials say.

Dozens of Zabul, Logar schools reopen in the face of Taliban enmity

Tribal elders and religious scholars negotiated with the Taliban, which had forced some schools to close for years.

Afghan mom cradling baby during entrance exam inspires youth, women

A photo of Jahantaab Ahmadi, taken as she cradled her baby amid an university entrance exam, has gone viral.

Scholarship program aims to make recipients 'ambassadors of Pakistan to Afghanistan'

Educational opportunities in Pakistan for Afghan students are a sign of strong ties between the two nations, officials say.

Uzbekistan setting up education centre for Afghan students

A new education centre, transportation links, and an official visit by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to Uzbekistan are all indicators of stronger ties between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Kabul University graduates earn first master's in women's studies

Twenty-two graduates, including seven men, completed the two-year master's programme, the first to be offered in Afghanistan.

ISIS, Taliban shutter schools in Jawzjan, Ghazni provinces

More than 26,000 students in two districts of Jawzjan are out of school, while the Taliban demands that girls in Ghazni stop school after sixth grade.

Efforts under way to ease education for Afghans studying in Pakistan

The Pakistani government is offering special student visas, dedicated slots in schools and scholarships for Afghan students.

Afghan schoolchildren to cross border at Torkham with ease

Pakistani authorities are issuing special identification cards to Afghan schoolchildren residing along the border, enabling them to go to Pakistani schools.