Iranian TV shows aimed at insulting Afghans stir increasing anger

Iranian television shows often depict insulting racist caricatures of Afghans, portraying them as poor, weak and inferior characters.

Incoherent Taliban propaganda betrays fractures in group

Wavering positions and constant walk-backs in Taliban statements undercut the group's message and claims of unity.

Iran's incursion into Afghan media attempts to undermine journalism freedoms

Iran has used various means to create rifts among Afghan journalists, including investing in a select group of reporters who work to promote Iranian interests.

Iran's 'training' for Afghan journalists denounced as brainwashing

Iran hosts 15-20 local Afghan journalists every year for training courses, a programme that has effectively become a platform for Tehran to increase its influence in Afghanistan, participants say.

Once powerful media outlets of ISIS now second-rate

The military, ideological and cyber wars being waged against ISIS have greatly impaired the group's media capabilities.

Afghans ponder ways to battle tactics of internet-savvy militants

A recent uptick in militant activity on social media has highlighted the importance for Afghanistan of adopting a comprehensive approach to push back against extremists online.

Pakistani journalists join chorus condemning ISIS attack against Afghan media

Pakistani media workers and organisations have denounced a deadly pair of bombings in Kabul that killed nine Afghan journalists and wounded six others.

Sputnik Afghanistan is largely 'fake news': Amrullah Saleh

Amrullah Saleh, the former head of Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, is at the centre of a recent Sputnik report that he calls 'a complete lie'.

Sputnik, a rumour-mongering website based on lies: Afghan officials

News websites such as the Russian outlet Sputnik lack journalistic integrity, routinely publishing inaccurate news and exaggerations, according to observers.

Afghan female journalists defy threats, continue to work

The women working for Zan TV face threats from ISIS, the Taliban and even their families, but they say they will continue to provide a voice for Afghan women and girls.