Taliban faces backlash as ban on humanitarian agencies puts Afghans at risk

Polio vaccinations and free help to those wounded in conflict are among the services provided by the now banned Red Cross and World Health Organisation.

Taliban's so-called 'spring offensive': an annual propaganda ploy

Every year the Taliban say they will flatten provinces and cities and defeat the government and international forces, but their statements remain just words in the end.

Afghan forces cripple Taliban leadership, capabilities in Helmand

Air strikes have wiped out dozens of Taliban leaders in the province, hamstringing the group's fighters.

Russians discovered fighting alongside Taliban in Bala Murghab

A Russian doctor was among the dead killed by Afghan forces, while up to five Russian advisors were also present in the area.

'More unnecessary suffering': UN condemns Taliban's spring offensive

The Security Council called on all parties to hold talks for a political settlement.

'Thirsty for peace': thousands of Herat residents call on Taliban to end war

Militants are unjustly committing violence in the name of Islam, said religious scholars at the rally.

Taliban, ISIS fighters burn down each others' homes in Kunar

Fighting between the two insurgent groups is literally pitting brother against brother.

Herat farmers pledge to stop growing poppy crop, cut off Taliban revenue

Profit earned from the cultivation of those crops -- and eventually from the trafficking of illicit narcotics -- goes directly into the pockets of the Taliban and other terrorists.

Afghan forces pave way for development in Lalpur after ending years of Taliban control

Residents hope that much-needed projects such as new schools and clinics will be launched now that the Taliban have been chased from power.

Propaganda capabilities of ISIS degraded after Kabul social media arrests

ISIS media wing members used fake social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram to run a propaganda campaign against the Afghan government and to recruit new members.