Afghanistan's new civil service hiring system seeks to eliminate corruption

Computer-based testing and online applications are meant to make the application process more transparent and to ensure merit-based hiring.

Facebook removes fake Iranian accounts targeting Afghanistan, Pakistan

Afghanistan and Pakistan were among the countries targeted by almost 800 pages, groups and accounts Facebook identified as part of a disinformation operation 'directed from Iran'.

'Generation Positive' class teaches animation skills to girls in Herat

'We want to introduce the culture of Afghanistan to the world through animation,' said Sara Barakzai, 24, the founder of the training course.

New radar gives government control of Afghan airspace

For the first time in 26 years, Afghanistan has control over its airspace, unleashing a slew economic and political gains, observers say.

Afghanistan seeks more than $2 billion investment in telecom

The government is implementing its Open Access Policy and encouraging investment in fibre optic, satellite and other information technology over the next four years.

Afghan government steps in after Taliban forces telecom shutdown in Helmand

The government-run Salaam Network is constructing new antennas and repairing others in Lashkargah to improve connectivity for those who lost service because of Taliban threats.

Growing e-governance in Afghanistan reduces corruption, speeds up service

The move towards electronic systems in government offices has simplified administrative procedures and is a tool for reducing corruption, officials and citizens say.

Afghan women fight drug cultivation, lack of security with computer game

The hero of the computer game, created by a team of women in Herat Province, is an Afghan soldier who fights the country's enemies and destroys opium poppies in Helmand Province.

Afghanistan to slash prices, improve infrastructure to expand internet access

Afghanistan's state-owned telecommunication companies will begin reducing prices over the next three months as part of an effort to bring high-speed internet access to more people.

Wikipedia to offer free access to Afghans via mobile phone

An initiative between the online encyclopaedia and a mobile phone company aims to expand access to information for Afghan youth for up to one year.