New ISIS in Afghanistan video: children executing children

Losing ground and fighters daily, the militant group is exploiting children in a desperate attempt to exert its dwindling power, observers say.

Taliban begins to fragment as Afghan forces take out leaders

Mounting losses have sparked an uptick in infighting and leadership struggles, which have eroded the Taliban's ability to wage effective combat.

Commander of Iran-backed Afghan militia killed in Syria

The Fatemiyoun Brigade, comprised of Afghan Shia mercenaries, is fighting alongside other Iran-backed militias in Syria in support of the al-Assad regime.

In Iraq, 'historic victory' over ISIS as last stronghold falls

After a months-long battle, Iraqi security forces finally pushed ISIS out of Iraq's second largest city, inflicting a crippling blow on the group's so-called caliphate.

ISIS 'certain to lose' in Afghanistan

Afghans reject the ideology of the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' (ISIS), saying it has no place in Afghan culture or society.

The ISIS legacy of violating and destroying mosques, holy places

The group has violated the sanctity of places of worship, destroying mosques and preaching a deviant message from those it has left standing.

ISIS traffics 'jihad pill' to combat battle fatigue

The stimulant, administered in pill form, has reportedly been sanctioned by the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' as a means to facilitate 'jihad' as it gives fighters stamina.

Capture of Tora Bora foils ISIS plans in Nangarhar

ISIS planned to build the headquarters of its Khorasan branch in Nangarhar Province, but operations in the past month have put an end to those ambitions.

ISIS destruction of Mosul's al-Nuri mosque 'declaration of defeat'

The leaning minaret, which has been a symbol of the city for centuries, was reduced to rubble as Iraqi forces closed in on ISIS's last bastion.

As in Afghanistan, Taliban show no mercy for children in Pakistan

Children suffer the most from terrorism and militant attacks, health professionals and security analysts say.

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