Iran supports, funds Afghan Taliban: officials

Iran's support of the Taliban is meant to destabilise Afghanistan and undermine international efforts for peace.

Iran involvement inflames Syria war: analysts

Iran's involvement in the Syria war has prolonged the conflict and inflamed tensions throughout the region, experts say.

ISIL in 'crisis' with death of Khorasan chief Hafiz Saeed

With ISIL leaders being killed one by one in Afghanistan, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's loyalists don't have a chance of survival, observers say.

ISIL destroyed in Kot, Nangarhar, after committing atrocities

Air and ground assaults by Afghan troops and planes have blasted ISIL out of its foothold.

Drug money fuels terrorism, Afghan officials say

Afghanistan is going after drug use and traffickers to dry up terror financing.

Afghan forces deal 'major blow' to ISIL

Afghan forces confirmed killing brutal ISIL leader Saad al-Emirati along with about 120 other militants.

Afghanistan denounces ISIL bombing in Kabul

More than 80 peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds gravely wounded.

Afghans call new Taliban leader's Eid message 'preposterous'

Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada called for increased 'jihad', to which the people of Afghanistan reacted with strong condemnation and calls for peace.

Afghans condemn militants for violence during Ramadan

Militants have no respect for Islam and the sanctity of the holy month, religious scholars say.

Kazakhstan hosts international terrorism conference

Forty-one countries sent delegations to discuss the struggle of organised religion against terrorism.