Women's Rights

Nangarhar to boost jobs for women as enthusiasm for work grows

The provincial government is bolstering recruitment efforts in a bid to spur equal work opportunities.

Afghan women's rights 'absolute red line' in Taliban talks, says Rabbani

Germany could host the third session of peace talks, says the Afghan foreign minister.

Zahra Elham becomes 1st woman to win on Afghan Star

From 2005 through 2018, all the winners were men.

Defending women's rights, Afghan trailblazer stares down Taliban representatives

Fawzia Koofi, an outgoing MP and women's rights activist, defended her daughter's rights in front of Taliban representatives during a meeting last month in Moscow.

Unshackled from Taliban rule, Logar women seek bigger role in government

The provincial government is trying to ensure greater women's participation in education and in government offices.

Afghan women get a taste of empowerment with beekeeping businesses

More women are starting their own beekeeping farms to produce honey, providing them with business opportunities unavailable to them during the Taliban regime.

Afghan army seeks 5,000 female recruits to bolster search operations

While the army has about 2,000 females in its ranks, more are needed, especially for search-operation roles.

We are not a 'political tool', say Afghan women on Moscow meeting

Afghan women have vowed not to accept a return to the Taliban's brutal treatment and restrictions of women and girls.

Afghan women playing key role in national efforts for peace

Afghanistan's first lady's office has mobilised a network of 11,000 women from across the country to share their ideas for peace and engage in talks with the Taliban.

Hundreds of women benefit from vocational training in Kunduz

A technical and vocational training centre is helping women in Kunduz Province gain the skills and tools necessary to earn a living and become self-sufficient.