Shooting for peace: Afghan basketball teams send message urging for war's end

Athletes united in Herat to send a message to the Taliban that peace is the only path forward.

Playgrounds in Herat provide children a haven from conflict

Thanks to the efforts of a local businessman, three indoor playgrounds equipped with modern equipment have opened in the city, providing a haven for families seeking refuge.

Afghan children demand peace through drawings, writing

Using their writings and drawings, almost 2,000 schoolchildren gathered in Herat City and shared their dreams for peace and called on the Taliban to end the war.

Alarming number of Afghan youth return from Iran addicted to drugs

Afghans who travelled to Iran for work tell harrowing stories about how their employers hooked them on drugs.

In photos: Kabul children shout with joy as circus comes to town

The circus aims to bring happiness to Afghan children through education, cultural activities, performances and even a juggling competition.

Young men take to bodybuilding gyms in war-torn Kabul

Amid heightened Taliban and ISIS attacks, more young men have taken to bodybuilding gyms as a mechanism to cope with stress and loss.

Afghan, Pakistani youth ambassadors work towards convergence, harmony

Extremism, terrorism and war are detrimental to both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the two must fight together, say Pakistani and Afghan youth.

Nangarhar sports tournament aims to promote peace across Afghanistan

Young athletes from eight provinces convened to play a variety of sports and build a sense of unity.

In photos: Life of a family working in a Nangarhar brick factory

Many families go to work in the factories as a last resort, borrowing money that they cannot repay from factory owners. Locals officials are trying to help.

Laghman athletes, youth call for peace

Hundreds of young athletes and local residents gather to urge the UN to help bring peace to Afghanistan.