ECO countries vow to defeat militancy, stimulate economic growth

The main challenges the ten Economic Co-operation Organisation (ECO) countries face are extremism, terrorism and drug trafficking, officials say.

Afghan farmer's income rises with new horticultural practices

A farmer in Chahr Asban village is leading the way by adopting modern horticultural technologies, which are bringing higher crop yields and income.

Uzbekistan electrifies railway towards Afghan border

An electrified railway will reduce the cost of shipping and boost trade, stakeholders say.

Uzbek-Afghan joint projects to create jobs, fight militancy

New jobs and improved social conditions will help fight extremism in Afghanistan and increase security on the Uzbek-Afghan border, observers say.

Central Afghan village welcomes sustainable development

Residents of a Daikundi Province village are enjoying clean water, paved roads and gender equality thanks to a development programme implemented by the Afghan government.

Afghanistan strives to rebuild historic sites destroyed by Taliban

Reconstruction work on one of two Buddha statues in Bamiyan Province will begin soon, officials say.

Record saffron cultivation in Afghanistan seen as win-win

The Ministry of Agriculture is focusing on saffron cultivation to help farmers and decrease opium production, which funds the Taliban.

Afghan villagers learn about sustainable irrigation

A rehabilitated canal is helping Herat Province farmers become more skilled and productive.

Saving groups narrow poverty gap among Afghan rural poor

Villagers with no previous means of livelihood are being given an opportunity to earn a living through loans from local village associations.

International pledges help Afghanistan’s development

International community trusts Afghanistan’s government, officials say.