Afghanistan earns World Bank's praise for improving business climate

Afghanistan moved up 16 places in the World Bank's rankings for ease of doing business.

Afghan farmers welcome government ban on saffron imports

Afghan saffron has been repeatedly ranked as the world's best, but low-quality saffron smuggled recently from Iran has either been mixed in with Afghan saffron or marketed as such, tainting the reputation of the product.

Afghan farmers smell sweet success choosing roses over poppy

Poppy farmers in Nangarhar are switching to the legal, money-making flowers to supply perfumes and essential oil to local and foreign customers.

With Iran's economy in tailspin, Afghans return home in record numbers

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the country's economic problems were the result of internal mismanagement by the government.

Smuggling from Iran decimates Afghanistan's nascent saffron industry

Iran is trying to violate global trade practices by illegally exporting its saffron via Afghanistan and consequently is undermining Afghan farmers and the reputation of Afghan goods.

Recession, mass unemployment loom in Herat as Iran continues power disruption

The disruption by Iran of energy supplies to Herat has led to millions of dollars in damage, layoffs and deterioration of living conditions.

Iran halts electricity to Herat Industrial City in breach of contract

The electricity outage has caused massive financial losses, spoiled raw materials and put hundreds of Afghans out of work, local officials and factory owners say.

Afghan officials concerned about outflow of millions of dollars to Iran

The Afghan economy is losing millions of dollars through smuggling or transferring of hard currency to Iran from Herat Province, officials and economists warn.

Afghan railway project closer to reality following Mirziyoyev's US visit

The US has offered political support and planning consultations on extending the Hairatan-to-Mazar-e-Sharif railway, an Uzbek project that observers say could improve stability in Afghanistan.

Nangarhar farmers choose roses over poppy, avoid funding Taliban

Farmers find that roses provide more income than opium poppies do and -- equally as important -- do not fund the Taliban.