New electoral commission leaders reflect women's achievements since Taliban rule

Two women will lead Afghanistan's electoral commissions, giving them significant roles in ensuring the transparency and fairness of upcoming elections.

Officials confirm that presidential election will not be delayed

The election will occur April 20 as planned, said the country's election commission Tuesday in debunking earlier reports.

Kunduz residents hold Taliban accountable for destruction of their homes

Unable to confront Afghan forces directly, Taliban militants hid in civilians' homes on election day, resulting in the destruction of more than 50 houses and the deaths of residents unable to flee.

Millions of Afghans defy Taliban threats, cast votes in historic elections

Nearly 4 million undeterred Afghans overcame a number of security incidents and problems with voting machines to choose their members of parliament.

Afghans head to polls in key parliamentary election

Nearly 9 million Afghans have registered to vote to decide who will occupy the 249 seats for next Wolesi Jirga.

Afghan forces prepared to secure parliamentary elections: officials

More than 50,000 security forces have been deployed to ensure voters can exercise their democratic right during Saturday's election.

In photos: Security forces hold military parade in Kunduz ahead of a crucial vote

The public military display is meant to assure the Afghan public of security preparations ahead of Saturday's parliamentary elections, officials say.

Voters: be prepared for newspaper-sized ballots

Each voter can only choose one candidate, but finding them on Kabul's giant ballot paper, which is roughly the size of a tabloid newspaper, could be time-consuming.

Afghan troops in Helmand wrap up drills ahead of Saturday elections

The month-long exercises are aimed to ensure the security of election sites for the long-delayed parliamentary polls set to take place next Saturday (October 20).

The price of democracy: Afghans willing to risk their lives to vote

'I will either die or vote,' said one man interviewed.

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