Taliban's disregard for Afghan security forces sparks outrage

Taliban representative Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai said the Afghan National Army should be dissolved. He swiftly backtracked after widespread condemnation from the Afghan public.

Afghan amputees embark on gruelling trek to demand Taliban seek peace

'I do not want Afghans, especially the new generation, to become disabled,' said one of the peace marchers.

Herat residents rally for peace, call on Taliban to renounce violence

More than 100 citizens, many disabled as a result of war and terrorism, joined the symphony of voices calling on the Taliban to join the peace process.

Afghan refugees launch peace caravan from Peshawar to Kabul

The peace caravan is trekking from Pakistan to the Afghan capital to call on the Taliban and other militants to stop fighting and make peace.

Women's march in Jalalabad urges Taliban to make peace

As temporary ceasefires between the Taliban and Afghan government kick off, women in Nangarhar Province are raising their voices to demand a permanent peace.

People's Peace Movement takes message to the road -- walking from Helmand to Kabul

So far, 14 members of the movement are walking to the capital to urge the Taliban to make peace and stop killing civilians.

'People's Peace Movement' spreads across Afghanistan, pressuring Taliban

Pressure builds on the Taliban to sue for peace as the grass-roots movement that began with a single tent in Lashkargah has since spread across the country.

Helmand protests against Taliban violence gain momentum

'We salute the Helmand citizens calling for peace and cease-fire,' said Mohammad Karim Khalili, chairman of Afghanistan's High Peace Council.

'Listen to your people,' Afghan lawmakers tell Iranian regime

Peaceful demonstrations are a civil right and a pillar of democracy, Afghan lawmakers say, urging the Iranian regime not to continue its bloody crackdown.