Afghan forces launch large-scale operations against Taliban in Badakhshan

Salaam Times

BADAKHSHAN -- Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) on Thursday (August 29) launched large-scale military operations in Badakhshan Province aimed at clearing three districts of Taliban fighters, TOLOnews reported, citing local officials.

The operations are occurring in in Warduj, Yamgan and Keran Wa Manjan districts, areas where the Taliban have been in control, TOLOnews said.

"The army, police, local police and public uprising forces are involved in the operations," said Provincial Governor Zakaria Sawda. "The Afghan Air Force will also support the operations."

"The forces launched the operations from Parneyan District of Panjshir Province to retake Keran Wa Manjan District," Sawda added. "They launched the second operation from Baharak District to clear Warduj, and for Yamgan, the forces launched operations from Jurm District."

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