Afghans laud local police

By Izazullah


An Afghan Local Police officer kisses the hand of an elder in Kot District, Nangarhar Province, August 25. [Izazullah]

KABUL -- Afghan Local Police (ALP) officers are winning plaudits nationwide for their professionalism, Said Ikram, an Afghan member of parliament, told Salaam Times.

"The ALP are doing their best in remote areas ... and helping the Afghan National Army [ANA]," he said of the force whose members all serve in their home districts and hometowns.

"The ALP are professional and well equipped," Malak Darya Khan, chairman of the Mohmandara District Council in Nangarhar Province, told Salaam Times. "Residents of Mohmandara co-operate closely with the ALP and have seen an improvement for security."

Local loyalties trump all

Local roots matter, Khan said.

"Our ALP officers are from this area," he said. "They can relate to the people. Daesh [the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL)], the Taliban and other militant groups are outsiders who don't want what is best for our community."

"During recent fighting between Afghan commandos and insurgents in Kot District, the ALP helped greatly in driving ISIL out of the district," he added.

The Taliban used to set up check-points that impeded farmers from accessing their own crops, Haji Ata Jan, an elder in Bulambi village, Panjwai District, Kandahar Province, told Salaam Times.

Now under ALP protection, the farmers "live in freedom and have a taste of life with peace", he said.

"The ALP members are our brothers and friends," Panjwai District resident Abdul Bari told Salaam Times. "We are two hearts, one body."

Residents of Sayeed Abad village, Nad-e-Ali District, Helmand Province, live in peace because of the ALP's brave efforts, Sayeed Abad resident Rohullah told Salaam Times.

"The ALP play a key role in maintaining security," Helmand police chief Gen. Aqa Noor Kentoz told Salaam Times. "They ... recognise outsiders and know the area ... Their presence alongside other security forces is vital."

Proud to serve

ALP officers are proud to serve their friends, families and neighbours.

"We fight hard against the enemies of peace in our villages," Mohmandara-based ALP officer Syed Hakim told Salaam Times. "We defend people's lives, modesty and possessions."

The villages have always defended themselves, ALP officer Esmatullah told Salaam Times, recalling how in past times in various provinces like Paktia, Paktika and Khost, the village elders would authorise local men to protect the village.

The ALP, comprised of residents of the areas they serve, is an extension of that tradition, he said.

"We are knowledgeable and well qualified," he said.

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Appreciating the soldiers will result in soldiers' victory and bravery.


First, all thanks are due to the National Army and Police. Those who are fighting at the battlefront without holding any sectarian bias or bigotry are indeed fighting for you and me, which also include all the people who live in this land. Therefore, the way in which they should be appreciated is to have an income higher than any other organization and all sorts of amenities and facilities should be provided to them. In addition, martyrs and their loved ones should be appreciated, so that they can have prosperous lives. The reason is that in so doing, we can attract more of the patriotic young individuals, all of whom are educated and yet unemployed. This way, we can all live wonderful lives. [I have very good plans for this, should you ever be interested. (remember me)]


Hello and greetings. In my opinion, the local police within the system of Afghanistan is not doing a good job. Most of workforce at the local police stations consist of men who are drug addicts, and who know nothing about either one's love for one's people or patriotism. They are men with psychological complexes who cause trouble for ordinary people. In some areas of Afghanistan, they even committed acts of robbery. It is true that they are familiar with the region and area; nevertheless, they are not professional individuals and their goal is not to support ordinary people. They only joined the local police due to their own problems. Instead of strengthening this local police, it is better for the government to strengthen the National Army, National Police, and National Security and replace the local police with the aforementioned forces. In so doing, ordinary people will know where should they go and to whom should they take refuge to be secure. If the government is incapable of providing its citizens with security, then it is best if the security responsibilities will be handed over to the citizens, and not to those against whom thousands of criminal cases exist.


It should be said clearly that, real time information or news is a social right and social media such as Salam Times plays a key role and can enlighten peoples' minds by providing reliable and well-defined news and information. And can play a vital role in neutralizing the enemy's propagation. I am very happy for listening to and reading the daily headlines especially the article and editorial of Salam Times.


Because, the local police are locals, they can realize the people's' customs and traditions. They can recognize the enemy well, they know the enemy's relations too, and for this reason the enemy is also trying to kill them. We do not have any bad memoir from them.


So far, the local police have given very good result in Kunar province too.