Taliban 'treason' leaves behind destroyed port facilities in Keleft

By Hedayatullah


This undated photo shows destruction left by the Taliban in Keleft port, Jawzjan Province. [209th Shaheen Corps]

KUNDUZ -- Afghan forces discovered a trail of destruction after ousting the Taliban from the Keleft port area in Jawzjan Province, say officials.

Security forces captured Keleft port, situated 20km from Qarqin District on the border with Turkmenistan, from the Taliban in an operation on April 17, according to military officials. The area had been under Taliban control for two years.

"The Taliban were planning to spearhead attacks on Afghan security forces from the vicinity of Keleft port as this was where they made their decisions," said Maj. Mohammad Hanif Rezayee, a spokesman for the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan National Army based in Mazar-e-Sharif.

After the troops learned about the Taliban's plan, they decided to launch the operation to push the insurgents from the area, Rezayee said.


During the Taliban's two-year rule over Keleft port, the militants chopped up the gas pipeline -- shown in an undated photo -- and sold it for scrap, according to Afghan officials. [209th Shaheen Corps] 

"When our forces entered the commercial port, they found out that the Taliban had demolished all the public property at the oil and gas enterprise, which is treason," said Rezayee.

Wanton destruction

"The Taliban have destroyed the oil and gas storage facilities, administrative and commercial buildings and other property at the port as well as the gas pipeline, which they sold for scrap," he said.

By destroying pubic installations, the Taliban have committed an act of treason and once again have showcased what they really stand for, said Lt. Col. Hamid Saifi, commander of the 1st Battalion of the Shaheen Corp's Border Brigade.

"All the facilities at this port have been destroyed, and you can see there is nothing left undamaged," Saifi said at the Keleft port recapture ceremony.

"Just imagine what this cruel group intends to do, and how it expects to rule the brave people of Afghanistan," he said. "Damaging public property is not allowed under any law."

After troops recaptured the port, they left behind sufficient forces to guard the strategic site, said Rezayee.

"Fortunately, the German embassy has shown its willingness to rebuild the facilities at Keleft port," he said.

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Taliban have turned into an annoying and tormenting group to the people. By placing mines under the bridges and culverts, they have turned the roads into dangerous highways for Afghans. Look at the Kabul-Kandahar- and Kandahar-Herat highway, which are in a very bad condition due to Taliban's mining. Several traffic accidents occur daily because of the bumpy roads, which cause killing of dozens of passengers.


Taliban have been appointed to destroy Afghanistan. There is no other goal for the formation of Taliban. They have been appointed in order not to let a strong government be formed in Afghanistan and Afghanistan should always depend on foreign countries, especially on Pakistan. Pakistan wants Afghanistan to be the fifth state of Pakistan. That is why it orders Taliban every day to destroy all facilities that are useful for Afghanistan's self-sufficiency. Pakistan has been interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs for the past 40 years and it hopes that Afghanistan should become part of Pakistan’s territory.


Destroying infrastructure and inflicting economic losses to the people is one of the goals of terrorist groups. They are also involved in brutal killing of civilians, looting and destroying of infrastructures, museums, cultural and civilization's monuments. In the past 20 years, Taliban have shown that they are openly at war against the people, civilization and development of the country. Curse on this evil group.


Over the past 20 years, Taliban have destroyed hundreds of public utility facilities. People should stand beside the Afghan security forces in protecting the public facilities and infrastructures so that the enemies of this country can no longer cause damages to the public facilities. If people do not protect their facilities, the government alone will not be able to maintain its security. All the people of the country must become united against this savage group and drive them away from their areas.


Destroying infrastructures is one of Taliban's goals. Taliban are always trying to destroy facilities that benefit Afghanistan and are fruitful for Afghanistan's self-sufficiency, because if Afghanistan becomes self-sufficient, then Afghanistan will get rid of Pakistan's dependence, and this will inflict an economic blow to Pakistan. In just one month, Taliban cause more than AFN 1 billion loss to both Afghan people and the government. Because of Taliban, neither businessmen nor the ordinary people have a good day.