Beijing deliberately destroyed evidence of coronavirus outbreak, report alleges

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Paramilitary police officers patrol near Tiananmen Square in Beijing May 3. [Nicolas/Asfouri/AFP]

Paramilitary police officers patrol near Tiananmen Square in Beijing May 3. [Nicolas/Asfouri/AFP]

The Chinese regime deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak, an Australian newspaper reported, citing an intelligence document that researched the origins of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

The 15-page report, which was obtained by The Saturday Telegraph, says the Chinese government -- to the "endangerment of other countries" -- covered up news of the virus by silencing or "disappearing" doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of COVID-19 in laboratories and refusing to provide samples to scientists working on a vaccine.

The report was compiled by the Five Eyes intelligence agencies of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

An almost week-long public silence by Chinese authorities on the COVID-19 coronavirus cost the world a chance to nip the pandemic in the bud, the Associated Press (AP) reported earlier on April 15.

Chinese officials in secret realised a deadly outbreak had occurred; however, they allowed Wuhan to host a mass banquet attended by tens of thousands, spreading the virus in all directions.

As of Monday (May 4), the COVID-19 coronavirus has led to a quarter of a million deaths, and over 3.5 million infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Assault on transparency

The actions of the Chinese government amount to an "assault on international transparency" that cost tens of thousands of lives, according to the dossier.

The document is likely to further increase pressure on the Chinese government to explain its actions and early statements.

World leaders have been urging the Chinese regime to be as transparent as possible about the coronavirus pandemic, as Beijing faces mounting pressure over its management of the crisis.

Critics have accused it of downplaying the scale and scope of the outbreak when it first emerged late last year, while theories speculate that the virus could have escaped from a lab.

US officials in 2018 issued several warnings about a research lab in Wuhan, China, saying it had inadequate safety measures while conducting risky studies on bat coronaviruses, the very type of virus that has upended the world in 2020.

The revelations strengthen speculation that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 did not come from a wet market, as Chinese authorities assert at times but rather from a government-funded lab.

If Chinese officials had been transparent about the novel coronavirus at the beginning, the world would be in a much better position right now to battle COVID-19, top health specialists say.

International concern has been growing about the accuracy of the information coming from Chinese officials, especially as the most of the world stands united in opposing the Chinese regime's coronavirus disinformation.

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I am reading the news and then analyze it with myself, this virus has not spread from the wet market, but instead it is leaked from the laboratories of the stupid Chinese regime; however, Americans and other powers should not wage war against china, after the virus is eliminated, to take revenge from her, because on one hand the Covid-19 killed hundreds of thousands of humans, and this issue is still going on, and on the other side, God forbid, if war erupts among the big powers which may turn to nuclear war, then it will endangered even many people lives than Covid-19 . May Allah bless all the humans.


All countries of the world should impose economic sanctions on China and ask it to give clear explanations about the spread of coronavirus to the world as soon as possible. If China does not do so, it should come under military strikes. If this is not done, other countries will also invent similar viruses in the future and destroy other countries that are considered their rivals. You saw that the outbreak of corona virus, in addition to killing thousands of humans around the world, has caused economic problems, famine, poverty and hunger. Corona disease has also afflicted people around the world with stress, anxiety and depression, which may take several years for them to get rid of this deep depression; therefore, the negative effects that such pandemic diseases have on the minds of the people, even war does not have. Civil war has been going on in Afghanistan for forty years, but people have not been as much worried about it as they are worried about corona now. People have really become disappointed and tired with their lives. Many people wish to die and hope that death should come to them as soon as possible. You saw on social media that people committed suicide due to psychological and economic pressures; therefore, China must be interrogated and prosecuted so that it can be a lesson for other countries in the world, and no country in the world can commit such a crime in the future.