Afghan immigrant fights Russian invasion alongside Ukrainian soldiers

By Salaam Times

Jalal Noori, an Afghan immigrant to Ukraine who joined the Ukrainian army to battle Russian invaders, is shown in a screenshot from a BBC Persian interview published April 4.

Jalal Noori, an Afghan immigrant to Ukraine who joined the Ukrainian army to battle Russian invaders, is shown in a screenshot from a BBC Persian interview published April 4.

HERAT -- An Afghan man residing in Ukraine has recently joined Ukrainian forces, commanding a group of soldiers in the fight against the Russian invasion.

Jalal Noori, who is fighting near Kyiv, told BBC Persian on April 4 that he has been living in Ukraine since 1988 and the country has become his second home.

He was a teenager when he moved to Ukraine. He is now an Afghan-Ukrainian dual citizen.

Noori said he had no choice but to flee his native land. But this time, his conscience did not allow him to leave his adopted home.

Ukrainian troops February 11 in Kyiv load a truck with US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles. [Sergei Supinsky/AFP]

Ukrainian troops February 11 in Kyiv load a truck with US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles. [Sergei Supinsky/AFP]

"How long are we to run away from Russians? Where should we go? Wherever we flee, conflict follows us," he said.

Noori, who owns a security company, previously fought in the 2014 war to defend Crimea, which Russia illegally annexed.

Ukrainians, similar to Afghans, are united in defending their country, and morale is high, he said.

"There is ethnic tension among us Afghans, but we are allied against foreign aggression," he said. "Ukrainians, too, disagree on politics but are courageous and united in defending their country."

"Every day, about 1,000 volunteers would report to the military base near Kyiv, where I was stationed, ready to go to war. Keeping up with the demand, the base ran out of weapons," Noori said.

"Even disabled individuals helped; they cooked, brought bread and filled up sacks with gravel. Everyone was trying hard, and no one chose to stay home."

Welcoming fight against Russian tyranny

Many Afghans have welcomed Noori's decision to join Ukrainian forces on the frontline.

Anyone who contributes to the fight against the Russian invaders is joining the war against tyranny and oppression, Herat resident Wakil Ahmad Sawrosh said.

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an unjust war, and any free man can stand up against aggression and not allow cruelty to prevail," he said.

"Afghans also made great sacrifices in fighting the Soviet dictatorship and atrocities ... and finally defeated them," added Wakil.

Fighting the Russian invasion is indeed jihad, said Nazar Mohammad Haqdost, another Herat resident.

"I feel very happy that the Russians have been ... forced to retreat with heavy casualties from Ukraine," he said, referring to the Russians' failed attempt to conquer the capital Kyiv. "We are proud of an Afghan's presence in the fight against them."

"With the participation of Afghans alongside other forces to defend Ukraine's democracy and independence, Russians will be defeated in the same way the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan," he said.

"The pain of the Ukrainian people is the same as Afghans' when it comes to Russians' aggression and crimes," Haqdost said. "The atrocities and destruction that the Russians are committing in Ukraine these days are the same they committed in Afghanistan nearly 50 years ago."

Russians 'must pay' for their crimes

Afghans say they will never forget the pain and anguish Russians brought on them during the Soviet invasion.

Mohammad Karim Ghafoory, a resident of Qala-e-Naw, the capital of Badghis province, said almost every Afghan family grieved the loss of a loved one during the Soviet invasion.

"Russians massacred hundreds of thousands of Afghans, disabled millions and destroyed Afghanistan's infrastructure," he said.

No international organisation has questioned Russia for its crimes, devastation and massacre in Afghanistan, he added.

"The pain and grief that Russians brought to the Afghans will never be forgotten, and the enmity will last forever," Ghafoory said.

The destruction inflicted during the Soviet invasion is still visible across Firoz Koh, said Mansour Kazimi, a resident of the Ghor provincial capital.

"Russians must pay the price for all the crimes they have committed in our country," he said. "They must compensate the family of every Afghan who was martyred and pay for every single piece of land that was destroyed during their occupation."

"I wish we could get an opportunity against Russia to avenge the blood of our martyrs," Kazimi said.

[Omar from Herat contributed to this report.]

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China Daily wrote: Russian President Vladimir Putin held a candle during an Orthodox Easter service, late on April 23, 2022 in Moscow. #Russia I am surprised to see that this bastard believes in Jesus and his path. Neither Islam nor christianiaty.... lets anyone to kill innocent people the way he did in Ukraine. He and Bush are similar pigs. Bush killed innocent Afghans and Iraqis and this pig putin killed innocent Ukrainians.


I have never heard of humanity from Russia and the Russians since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They proved well that Russia has very evil leaders. I have now read Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's words in a BBC report where he says that Russia has no plans to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine in the war. "Only uses conventional weapons," Lavrov told India Today. Ahead of Lavrov's latest remarks, Vladimir Putin had ordered the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in various parts of the country at the start of the war. Several Russian government authorities also have said that their country is ready to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine in some instances. Lavrov also said the war was entering a new phase with Russia's latest offensive in eastern Ukraine.


I do would not approve the war in any way, but there is a difference between war and defense. What is happening in Ukraine now is not war but it is a defense. It is the duty of every human being to help the Ukrainians to defend their country and save them from Russian oppression. This support maybe provided in health sector, technical sector, educational sector and etc.


May God bless our Afghans. Instead of having a few good days, we get into wars wherever we go. Thanks to the world's superpowers, we have not had a good night or day. May God bless Jalal Noori. I wish Afghans had better days and enjoyed the life that other people do and enjoy. Unfortunately, many of our descendants were born in the war, became young, got old, and eventually died in the war. No matter how many battles we have been involved in, we have not yet healed from the injuries we have received either if it was in the British war or the Russian or American wars. I wish our Afghans would not destroy their country or kill their brothers at the behest of others. We have not forgotten the pain and sorrow that the Russians gave to the Afghans during the Soviet invasion. And now, as the United States fled, they left the ordinary Afghans alone to the Punjabis. Afghans are no longer a burden to anyone, and wherever they are, may God bless them; I would say that Afghans are tired of war. They want peace and progress, they want education, they want a better life, and they want a life where no one violates their human rights.


Russians are the eternal enemy of Afghans. Russians have invaded Afghanistan many times during the recent history of Afghanistan and have caused killings and destruction in Afghanistan. That is why there is enmity and pessimism towards Russia in the heart of every Afghan. On one hand, this heroic Afghan proves the dedication and loyalty of Afghans to the world, and on the other hand, he wants to take revenge of those Afghans who were martyred by the invading Russians during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Luckily he has obtained the chance to do so.