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Afghan women's rights 'absolute red line' in Taliban talks, says Rabbani



Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani March 10 poses for a group photo with female maintenance personnel of the Foreign Ministry following a meeting in Kabul. [Salahuddin Rabbani/Facebook]

‌BERLIN, Germany -- The rights of women constitute an "absolute red line" for the Afghan government in peace negotiations with the Taliban, Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani said.

"There will be no restrictions on girls' schooling -- we shall not sacrifice what we have been building for 18 years," Rabbani told the Bild daily newspaper Tuesday (March 26), voicing strong support for the peace talks in Qatar.

"Negotiation is the only way to end this conflict and these problems," he said.

The talks are not "about re-establishing the Taliban regime in the country", emphasised Rabbani.


More than 200 women from various districts of Herat Province March 13 gather in front of the provincial governor's office in Herat city, calling on Taliban militants to end the war. Protesters demanded their achievements not be overlooked in peace talks. [Omar]

Not giving in

"Let's be clear -- when we talk of peace, that does not mean we are giving in," he said.

"If we have peace, stability and foreign investment in this country, then people will not want to leave Afghanistan for Germany," he added. "They will stay put. That is why the peace process is so important."

During the most recent session of the talks, which ended March 16 in Doha, US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said that "progress is being made" but that much remained to be done.

Germany, which has a military presence in Afghanistan, could host a third session of peace talks, Rabbani told Bild.

"As the minister [German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas] said recently, Germany is ready to welcome peace talks," he said. "The Afghan government appreciates that. When the moment comes, we shall address ourselves to our German friends."

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I love this article


Peace talks does not mean to hand over the entire government to taliban. It should be like other parties joined the government in turns. Gulbadin Hekmatyar was of the opinion like taliban when was powerful during the Russian invasion. Jamiat and Itahad were alike. Once they grasped the power 360 degree changes were seen in their policy and when they join the current government controlled most by secular, then adopted the same. I assure you that taliban leaders and other commanders of them who are educated will be seen with such suits as Salaudin Rabani whose father was of the opinion alike taliban and Gulbadin. please support US representative Khalilzad in his effort toward peace. one thing to which agree to say is that khalilzad should take consultation of the government in each step heading. Hope to see one day peace in the country.