Taliban flout official end of ceasefire with deadly assault in Paktia


A wounded Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier rests inside a hospital after a Taliban attack on an Afghan National Army base in Gardez, Paktia Province, on May 14. [STR/AFP]

A wounded Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier rests inside a hospital after a Taliban attack on an Afghan National Army base in Gardez, Paktia Province, on May 14. [STR/AFP]

KABUL -- Taliban fighters stormed an Afghan border post in Paktia Province Friday (May 29), killing at least 14 security force members, the latest in a series of attacks since the end of a brief ceasefire.

"Last night the mujahideen carried out attacks against the newly established posts of the enemy in Dand Patan District of Paktia Province," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said on Twitter.

The assault killed 14 security force members, confirmed Afghan officials.

Dand Patan District Governor Eid Mohammad Ahmadzai put the death toll among Afghan troops at 15. Twenty Taliban insurgents were killed, he told AFP.

Officials earlier accused the Taliban of carrying out two other raids on separate checkpoints on Thursday (May 28), killing 14 Afghan security force members, but the Taliban have not commented on those battles.

A three-day truce offered by the militants officially ended late Tuesday (May 26), with the overall lull in the country's grinding violence largely holding, officials and analysts have said.

Efforts to prolong ceasefire continue

Efforts to extend the ceasefire are continuing, said Javid Faisal, a spokesman for the National Security Council.

"The detente that started during Eid ul-Fitr continues despite reports of scattered incidents to the contrary," he said on Twitter.

"A ceasefire is a complex operational undertaking that requires significant and ongoing co-ordination to avoid incidents. Those efforts will continue," he wrote.

Afghan authorities have responded to the formal ceasefire by pushing forward with an agreed prisoner exchange, releasing some 1,000 Taliban prisoners this week with plans to release more in the coming days.

As part of the swap, the militants May 28 released 80 Afghan policemen and soldiers they had been holding captive.

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Even if a thousand times the ceasefire is declared, as long as the International Community not put its feet on the neck of Pakistan; as long as economic sanctions are not imposed on Pakistan for supporting terror, this terror will continue, Afghan soldiers will be killed, Afghan civilians will be killed, foreign trainers of the Afghan forces will be killed; Afghan schools, clinics, seminaries, mosques will be destroyed, and the same misfortune will continue. The whole world, all the humans, even donkeys and dogs know that Taliban's leaders stay in the Pakistani cities of Quetta and Peshawar, and from there the Pakistani army and intelligence [agencies] give them training and send them to Afghanistan. If America and other countries ignore it, it is obvious that they let the killings go on.


These Taliban performed the best job. Foreigners and Americans withdrew and are withdrawing from our beloved country. Now Taliban must understand that their war against the government and the people of Afghanistan is no longer permissible, and it is unlawful. They have to come and join their own government and work for the reconstruction and innovation of their county in order to alleviate poverty and hunger in this country, and let the people of Afghanistan live a human life together. If there is no war in this country, all the problems of the Afghan people will be solved. War is the main cause of all miseries. War brings about destruction; war causes poverty. War causes psychological problems. You know that majority of the people of our country are facing with psychological and mental problems. Now is the time for the Afghan people to put aside all their differences and work to save Afghanistan and the Afghan people so that both God becomes pleased and our people have a humane life. I welcome the decision of these Taliban brothers and consider it in favor of the well-being and prosperity of Afghanistan. Other Taliban members should also find the courage to come and give up fighting and start a peaceful life.


I am sorry; I wanted to write this comment to your other report, the link of which is in the parentheses (, but it was posted here by mistake.


Greetings. When I clicked on (Yes) over your comments' section, a message (Baa Tashakur/with thanks) appeared in Dari over the line of (Yes) and (No). Since this is a Pashto website, please prepare the commands and framework also in Pashto. Thanks. Happy 29 of May, the International Pashto Day to you.