China aims to double nuclear arsenal in 10 years, expand military installations

Salaam Times and AFP

Chinese sailors stand in formation at People's Liberation Army headquarters in Beijing January 14, 2019. [CENTCOM]

Chinese sailors stand in formation at People's Liberation Army headquarters in Beijing January 14, 2019. [CENTCOM]

The Chinese military is pressing to double its nuclear arsenal within a decade with the ability to launch warheads aboard ballistic missiles by land, sea and air, the US military said in a report published Tuesday (September 1).

In its first public estimate of the Chinese regime's nuclear capacity, the annual report said that it has warheads numbering "in the low 200s" in its nuclear stockpile, far fewer than the 300 or more estimated by independent analysts.

That number is expected to double over 10 years. Beijing can already launch nuclear weapons by ballistic missile from land and sea and is developing the capacity to develop an air-launched ballistic missile as well, the report said.

Power projection

Another key focus for the Chinese military is power projection. The Chinese want their military to be able to operate anywhere on the globe. One step towards that goal is the establishment of a more robust overseas logistics network.

Beijing is "very likely already considering and planning for" the establishment of military logistics facilities outside China that can support naval, air and ground forces, said the report.

Some locations that it now may be considering include Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola and Tajikistan. China already has a military installation in Djibouti.

A report in July detailed how a number of countries have viewed the Chinese regime as a strategic threat for years. Recently, though, the implications of Beijing's actions around the world have raised significantly the level of alarm.

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If China reaches to power, or in other words, if China becomes the world's superpower, it will trample all the people of the world, because Chinese are Buddhists, and in Buddhism, killing people of other faiths will prolong one’s life. The Chinese are also very cruel people. They torture and burn the oppressed and poor Uighur Muslims alive. Death to the Buddhist government of China. Long live Islam.


China is to swallow Pakistan. Whenever Pakistan goes down from the throat of China, then America’s magic will end in the region because no other country can be an alternative to the United States other than Pakistan, because Pakistan is a mixed product of both England and America. The interests of Pakistan today are in line with the interests of China. Therefore, according to the logic of economics, it is natural for Pakistan to cut its ties with the United States. China currently has a strong presence in Pakistan. The United States can reverse or invert this equation when it recognizes a new country in the name of Baluchistan in the world map, and practically support it.


As a young writer and researcher, I predict that China will establish and support free joint military facilities in Russia, Iran, parts of Eastern Europe, North Korea, and other geo-political regions that flow like the way of water gravity, and which can observe the focal points of the attack of West in an imposed war. China, in a mutual cooperation, may have probably allied with Russia, which has the right of veto in the United Nation Security Council, and also for the Soviet Union's previous or chronic hostilities with the West. At the same time, both countries may have come to a conclusion that the omission of one will be the annihilation of the other. Also, I am not denying that COVID-19 has no political or biological basis or was not created in consultation with the strategic allies of the East. I do not want to go into relevant details, but there are warnings that the invisible particles of the corona virus may have probably been activated at the start of the direct battle between the East and West blocs in the presence of those who apparently obtained a high exemption during the pandemic process, and unfortunately all survivors will see the massacre of the people due to the biological warfare. As an expert of national and international affairs from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I consider the provocative movements of the United States and its allies in the current relatively quiet atmosphere to be a major challenge and a source of global and regional unrest. I am