Explosives seized in Farah mark latest Iranian assistance to Taliban

By Ali

An undated photo shows bags full of explosives that Afghan forces seized November 11 in Farah Province near the border with Iran. [Bilal Sarwary/Twitter]

An undated photo shows bags full of explosives that Afghan forces seized November 11 in Farah Province near the border with Iran. [Bilal Sarwary/Twitter]

KABUL -- Afghan security forces in Farah Province have intercepted a large shipment of explosives coming from Iran that was destined for the Taliban, officials said.

Sixty-seven bags containing 20kg of explosives each were intentionally hidden in a truck carrying potatoes and were set to be delivered to Taliban militants, an Afghan security official said on condition of anonymity.

The truck entered Farah Province from Iran and was seized November 11 at the Mil 78 customs border crossing. The driver was arrested.

The militants use such explosives for making roadside bombs as well as carrying out large-scale attacks, the official said.

The Taliban use the type of explosives seized to make roadside bombs and to carry out large-scale attacks, according to an Afghan official. [Bilal Sarwary/Twitter]

The Taliban use the type of explosives seized to make roadside bombs and to carry out large-scale attacks, according to an Afghan official. [Bilal Sarwary/Twitter]

Had the explosives reached the Taliban, they could have caused deadly attacks, said Dadullah Qani, chairman of the Farah Provincial Council.

"The funding and equipping of the Taliban by the Iranian regime are nothing new," he said. "To achieve its objectives, Iran has always provided military and financial support to the Taliban. The Taliban receive all their resources in Farah from the Iranian government."

The Taliban do not have the ability to operate and fight against the Afghan security forces without the military and financial support of Iran, Qani added.

Security officials in Farah Province reported that after they seized the explosives, the Taliban attacked the Mil 78 customs border crossing on Friday (November 13).

Four members of the security forces were killed in the Taliban attack, provincial police spokesperson Mohibullah Mohib told reporters. Three Taliban militants were killed in the counterattack and four others injured.

Qani linked the attack to the seizure of the explosives brought from Iran, calling it an act of revenge.

Sabotaging the peace process

Iranian financial and military support to the Taliban aims to increase attacks and weaken the peace process, according to a number of civil society activists.

"While international efforts are under way to launch the peace process, a number of neighbouring countries such as Iran... are trying to sabotage this process," said Abdul Rahim Wafa, a civil society activist in Farah Province. "They are afraid of a strong and inclusive government in Afghanistan."

"The supply of weapons and explosives by Iran and Russia to the Taliban has been going on for several years now," he said. "These countries have increased their support so that the Taliban, instead of going to the negotiation table, increase the killing of civilians and security personnel and escalate violence."

The regimes of Iran and Russia want the violence in Afghanistan to continue as they perceive their interests in war, Wafa said. If peace and stability prevail, they will not be able to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

The Iranian regime has been opposed to the Afghan peace process from the beginning, using all available means to sabotage it to show that US negotiators have failed, said Mohammad Hanif Yaktaparast, a civil society activist in Badghis Province.

"While [direct peace negotiations] between the Taliban and the Afghan government are about to start, the arrival of a car full of explosives from Iran means that the country continues to provide support to the Taliban," he said.

However, Yaktaparast warned, continued war in Afghanistan and strengthening terrorist groups will take the flames of war to neighbouring countries too, including Iran.

Tehran will regret its support to the Taliban, he said.

Duplicitous policy towards peace

Intra-Afghan peace talks, which began September 12, have stalled because of the duplicitous policies of some stakeholders, including Iran, Russia, and China, political analysts say.

A number of neighbouring countries, including Iran, see their interests in war and use all of their resources to sabotage the peace process, said Abdul Qader Kamel, a political analyst in Herat Province.

Iranian officials always have told the Afghan government that they support the peace process and want peace and stability in Afghanistan, but in reality, the government of Iran does not want peace in Afghanistan and hence supports the Taliban instead, he said.

"The duplicitous policies of neighbouring countries towards the peace process in Afghanistan show the bad intentions of these countries," he said. "If neighbouring countries such as Iran, China and Russia, whose positions are aligned, are really honest and do not support the Taliban, the peace process will definitely yield results."

"One reason behind increased Taliban attacks is the continued assistance of these countries ... to the Taliban," he said. "Advanced weapons that the Taliban are using in the war are Russian and Iranian."

The international community must pressure the Taliban to cut off their unhealthy ties with other terrorist groups and countries supporting terrorism, Kamel said.

Those who support terrorism are directly involved in the killing of innocent Afghans and Afghan security personnel, said Ahmad Shah Faizyan, an international relations analyst in Herat city.

"Some countries such as Iran, China and Pakistan ostensibly call themselves friends of Afghanistan, but in reality, they are the actual enemies of the country," he said. "These countries provide all military and financial resources to the Taliban so that this group can commit any crime it wants."

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Very seldom you get such news from world-famous TV stations operating from Kabul. Why? They are lobbying for the interests of the Iran in Afghanistan. They are run by two groups: 1. The Iran-&-oversea-based circle violently promoting Iran's culture & the history of the region & of the world from an ever-expanding racistic Iranian/Persian chauvinism; 2 The Iran-based circle violently promoting the Safavid interpretation of religion. There are just a few, if any, news media who are operating independently. Salaam Times tops the list. Thanks! By the way, the third 'a' is not needed in 'Salaam'. It's, with due respect, childish. As a new beginner you you write Baghlaan, Badakhshaan, Afghaan, .... but when you advance you don't need an extra 'a'. You can tell a long 'a' from a short one. It was for 300 yrs ago that Westerners used to write 'Islaam, salaam, Allaah, Afghaan, Afghaun, Sid/Syd/Syed/Sayed instead of Sayyed, deen (din), Nasir (Naser), Naseer (Nasir), ... 'Salaam' fades in beauty with the unneeded third 'a'. It seems like an enlarged upper lip. But, since you talk sense & you are not following an Iran/Persia appeasing policy, I like trust you. 60568


Iran has a deep enmity with Afghanistan and they don't want peace to come in our country. America should warn Iran to stop its hypocrisy.


Tens of such trucks full of explosives have come from Pakistan and they were captured even in the Torkham gate. Did America say anything to Pakistan for it? Terrorists are trained inside the Pakistani army bases and then they are sent out to Afghanistan to kill the civilians, soldiers and the foreign trainers of the Afghan National Army. Did America say anything to Pakistan for it? They kept Osama for six years beside their military base. Did America say anything to Pakistan for it? They have settled Taliban leaders including Hibatullah Akhundzada in the Quetta and Peshawar cities. Did America say anything to Pakistan for it? Please do not rub salt in the wounds of Afghans. Iran and Pakistan both are our enemies. If America is really sincere with Afghans, they may give strong weapons to Afghanistan with which they can hit both Iran and Pakistan. America for sure does not destroy them; however, Afghans will take revenge of their four decades of misery, and will rescue the world from the evil of both terrorist countries (Pakistan and Iran).


All these are lies. Iran is an enemy of Taliban, Iran is scared from the return of Taliban and the Iranian officials have already expressed their concern.


Death to Iran! The country is the killer of thousands of people in Afghanistan. The same explosives that Iran sends to Afghanistan cause killing of innocent people in Afghanistan. The Afghan government should immediately sever its diplomatic ties with Iran and reprimand the country for its interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs, because if Iran is not reprimanded for sending explosives, it will pose a greater threat to Afghanistan in the future.


The Iranian government has assisted millions of dollars to the Taliban and other groups that were fighting against the United States and the Afghan government over the past 20 years. This is not the first time that Iran related explosives and weapons have been discovered and seized from the Taliban. Weapons made in Iran have been discovered in many operations conducted by the Afghan Defense and Security Forces in Taliban's areas. This is a clear interference of Iran, but our people accuse Pakistan every day and say that the only country which interferes in our internal affairs is Pakistan. Iran is twice as dangerous to Afghanistan as Pakistan is. Remember that Iran will directly involve Fatemiyoun in the war of Afghanistan after peace is made with Taliban and threaten the future of Afghanistan. If Taliban reach to power, Iran may say that Taliban have violated the rights of Shiites and we are defending the rights of Shiites in Afghanistan.


Please update everyday your topics so you will be able to attract more and more people