Is ISIS-K a containable threat in Afghanistan?

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  • Politics

    IRGC's Quds Force stalls under Qaani's lacklustre leadership

  • Economy

    UN project creates 1,000 temporary jobs for Kunduz residents

  • Women's Rights

    A 'dark future' for Afghan women who can no longer work

  • Economy

    USAID-funded homes offer hope for more than 200 families in Badakhshan

  • Security

    US designates ISIS-K leaders as global terrorists

  • Women's Rights

    Afghan girls turn to learning handicrafts in defiance of education restrictions

  • Economy

    Sorrow and broken dreams follow desperate Afghans' decision to sell daughters

  • Security

    Clearing Afghanistan's land mines one careful step a time

  • Technology

    Facebook takes down 4 hacker groups targeting Afghanistan, Syria

  • Security

    Bomb attack on minibus in Kabul leaves at least 2 dead

  • Security

    Global concerns mount as China rapidly expands nuclear arsenal

  • Refugees

    Afghans face abuse, violence as Iran deports thousands back to uncertainty

  • Crime Justice

    New blast rocks Kabul after ISIS-K claimed minibus attack

  • Religion

    Beijing earns millions from assets seized from Muslims arrested in Xinjiang

  • Society

    Deprivation forces Afghans to make devastating decision to sell daughters

  • Economy

    Afghan antique dealer highlights Afghanistan's past, hope for the future

  • Human Rights

    Desperate migrants in Belarus become Russia's geopolitical pawns

  • Diplomacy

    US streamlines immigration rules, waives fees for Afghan evacuees

  • Society

    World Bank unlikely to resume Afghan aid, says chief

  • Security

    Taliban supreme leader's warning on infiltrators exposes deep divisions

  • Environment

    Xi skips crucial climate talks as China ramps up coal production