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  • Business

    UNICEF brings drinking water access to 2,000 families in Jawzjan

  • Women's Rights

    Afghan women hold trade fair in Kabul to encourage 'buy local' mentality

  • Security

    Are Chinese troops at Bagram air base?

  • Refugees

    Iranian regime committing crimes against humanity, deported Afghans say

  • Religion

    ISIS turns Eid ul Fitr happiness into dread for Afghans

  • Diplomacy

    Iranian regime's efforts to fuel ethnic tensions in Afghanistan spark anger

  • Terrorism

    ISIS-K claims deadly bomb blasts on minibuses in Mazar-e-Sharif

  • Economy

    Herat businesswomen return to work, showcase goods at trade fair

  • Crime Justice

    Mass grave in Ukraine revives Afghans' memories of Soviet invasion

  • Ramadan

    In photos: Afghans observe Ramadan despite threat of ISIS attacks

  • Security

    Terrorist attacks aim to stoke ethnic, sectarian divisions in Afghanistan

  • Technology

    Nimroz officials ban Iranian SIM cards, currency to limit Tehran's influence

  • Environment

    Iraqi farmers replant after ISIS with help from USAID and partners

  • Security

    ISIS bombing of Mazar-e-Sharif mosque highlights increasing terror threat

  • Refugees

    Afghans recall beatings, torture before being deported from Iran

  • Terrorism

    Bombing of schools in Kabul prompts international condemnation

  • Terrorism

    ISIS-K claims rocket attack on Uzbekistan from Afghan soil

  • Economy

    Sar-e-Pul farmers replace poppies with soybeans

  • Refugees

    Afghans highlight contrast between Iran and other refugee host countries

  • Security

    Afghan immigrant fights Russian invasion alongside Ukrainian soldiers

  • Economy

    Reopening of women's market in Qala-e-Naw offers lifeline for shopkeepers