Officials blame Taliban for deadly roadside bombing in Kandahar



The wreckage of a vehicle can be seen in this photo taken May 25, after a roadside bomb killed a mother alongside her three children in Miyanishin District, Kandahar Province. The UN mission in Afghanistan on June 3 urged the Taliban to stop using improvised mines. [Kandahar Police]

KANDAHAR -- A roadside bomb tore through a small bus in Kandahar on Wednesday (June 3), killing nine civilians including women and children, according to officials who blamed the Taliban.

Nine Afghans died and five others were wounded when a roadside bomb struck their bus in Arghistan District, Kandahar Province, provincial police spokesman Jamal Naser Barekzai said.

Several victims were women and children, said Baheer Ahmadi, spokesman to the provincial governor, who also confirmed the toll.

No one claimed responsibility, but Barekzai blamed the Taliban.

The bombing came a day after a blast in a mosque in Kabul's fortified Green Zone killed two Afghans including an imam, Ayaz Niazi.

Homemade bombs used by the Taliban to target Afghan security forces killed at least 10 civilians in the past two days, said the United Nations (UN) Assistance Mission in Afghanistan June 3.

The UN urged the militants to "stop using these illegal improvised mines".

Despite the attacks, overall violence across much of Afghanistan has dropped since May 24, when the Taliban initiated a rare three-day ceasefire to mark the Eid ul Fitr holiday.

Officials have acknowledged a lull in violence, though they blamed the militants for some deadly attacks in recent days.

Before the ceasefire, violence had surged since the Taliban signed a landmark agreement with the United States in February.

The deal paves the way for the withdrawal of all foreign forces by May 2021.

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Yes, if Afghanistan administration end off the discrimination and enhance to unite all as an Afghan and mobilize there resources throughout the country for elimination of enemies and also for eradication narcotic which Taliban sponsor their financial resources from this evil phenomena.


If bribe is not eliminated, if the oppressor is not suppressed, and improper Muslims are not finished, we will never live in security.


Well, the government should put pressure on Taliban and stop the release of the prisoners for a while so that they can stop these crimes. If they decrease attacks, the government should start the release of the prisoners again, but if they don’t decrease the attacks, then we don’t have to start the release of their prisoners, because they don’t stop violence. Of course, these prisoners should be fingerprinted so that they do not join other groups such as ISIS after the end of war between Taliban and the Afghan government.


The military and defense forces of the current government of Afghanistan are the most corrupt and incompetent ones in the world.


Taliban must respond to the people as why is this group still continuing their war against Afghans and planting mines on the public roads, while foreigners are leaving our country? Who are the victims of this mining? I have not seen anyone else to encounter the landmine, except the civilians. A few months before, we read on your news website that a family was traveling in a car towards their relatives' wedding party in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province, and their car hit a landmine which killed about 10 people from the same family. It is clear that the main victims of the landmines placed by Taliban are the innocent civilians. Taliban must fear from God and not take the lives of the poor people by placing mines on public roads.


Taliban were perpetrators of all those who have lost their lives on the landmine over the past 20 years, because they were and are the ones who place the mines on public roads in order to target the convoys of foreign and Afghan forces. However, the Afghan government forces have never placed mines on the roads and public places.