United States doubles reward to $10 million for capture of ISIS leader

Salaam Times and AFP

An ISIS member is shown in Syria in 2018. [File]

An ISIS member is shown in Syria in 2018. [File]

WASHINGTON -- The United States on Wednesday (June 24) doubled to $10 million its reward for the capture of the leader of the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) group.

The US had already offered $5 million for Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi before he was identified as the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed by US commandos in an October raid in Syria.

Al-Salbi uses the nom de guerre Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi.

Born in 1976, al-Salbi is a scholar in Islamic law who issued edicts to justify the persecution of the Yazidi minority, a campaign that the United Nations has described as genocide.

The insurgents killed thousands of Yazidis, who practice an ancient religion, and abducted and enslaved thousands more women and girls as they rampaged across the Middle East.

Al-Salbi was born in Mosul, Iraq, to a Turkmen family, making him one of the few non-Arabs to ascend the ranks of ISIS.

In 2004 al-Salbi reportedly was detained by US forces in Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq, where he met al-Baghdadi.

ISIS at its height ruled vast parts of Iraq and Syria and drew volunteers from the West, but coalition forces have pulverised its strongholds.

Although greatly weakened, ISIS still carries out operations around the world, in particular Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

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The United States know about the whereabouts of ISIS leader. It is just part of the politics that now they are offering bounty for him.


It has had a little lies.


In my opinion, offering bounty for the leaders of terrorist groups by America is in fact giving legitimacy to the terrorist groups. America should not do so because Muslims will think that these groups are fighting against America and that their fighting is legitimate and these groups work for Islam. America should be unbiased and let Islamic countries struggle themselves against the terrorist groups. ISIS is first and foremost the biggest threat to Islam and Muslim countries; hence, America does not need to shout for struggle against ISIS and or to offer bounty for their leaders. This act of America makes people think as if ISIS was created by America and is funded by America.


There is a big mistake in your opinions because America is the biggest enemy of Islam, for this reason they have offered $10 million bounty on a Muslim. If not, will they should offer at least only $1000 on you, but they do not see in you what they see in him. How can they solve this issue with the Muslim countries, while they are fighting against the infidels? And when so, why do they bring them to the houses of Muslims. You see, Trump said, I will demolish Afghanistan in ten days, while all the people of Afghanistan were not ISIS then why he gave such a big threat? It is clear that America does not let Muslims to live a peaceful life anywhere.


I agree with you.


Only killing and arresting of ISIS leaders does not solve the problem. If one leader in the group is arrested or killed, someone else will be assigned instead of him. America must cooperate with the governments of the region that they themselves should combat ISIS in their own countries. America should strive that Islamic systems are established in Islamic countries, not non-Islamic systems, because Muslims never accept non-Islamic systems and this causes some people to form military movements against their governments. If ISIS is destroyed, another movement will be formed. Therefore, In Islamic countries, non-Islamic systems are not acceptable for people and they will stand against them.


I think ISIS will be defeated automatically if America withdraws from the region. ISIS can also be destroyed by the indigenous forces. ISIS was magnified or given more importance by America, while ISIS does not have so much support of the people. All people hate ISIS. I believe that if America leaves Afghanistan and Taliban take over power, ISIS will be destroyed by Taliban within one month. ISIS cannot survive in Afghanistan. After Taliban make peace with the Afghan government and a joint government is established, the United States should help with the future government of Afghanistan to fight against ISIS.