Determination of Afghan security forces grows amid increased attacks

By Sulaiman


An Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier stands during the Eid ul Adha festival near the old fortress of Bala Hissar in Kabul last August 11. [Wakil Kohsar/AFP]

KABUL -- Despite recent attacks, Afghan security forces are determined to defend their country and people, say officials and observers.

"Although violence and terrorist attacks have spiked recently, the security and defence forces are determined and stronger than ever in responding to the enemy's attacks and are [ready] to defend Afghanistan and Afghans with loyalty," Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, said in an interview on July 8.

"The enemy perpetrates major terrorist attacks to weaken the morale of the security forces and intimidate civilians, but they have backfired on them as the morale and determination of our security and defence forces build every day and after every terrorist act," said Aman.

"Their stronger spirit of patriotism has encouraged young people throughout the country to join the security and defence forces, and this is the reason that the number of new recruits in security forces has increased," he said. "On a daily basis, hundreds of youths visit recruitment centers and enroll themselves to become part of the security forces."


An Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier looks on as he takes part in a military exercise at a training centre in Herat last December 29. [Hoshang Hashimi/AFP]

"The security and defence forces are in very good shape in terms of training, equipment, technology and determination," he added.

"The determination and morale of the security and defence forces have become stronger and more consolidated," said Arif Kayani, a political and military affairs analyst in Kabul.

"The enemy thinks that it will be able to weaken the morale of security forces and create chaos among them by carrying out well-planned attacks," said Kayani. "Its attacks haven't discouraged or weakened these forces but have instead encouraged youths to join the security forces."

"Previously, there were concerns that the security forces would experience weakness and chaos that could lead to the breakdown of the security system after international forces gradually leave Afghanistan, but we see that the determination of our forces to defend [the country] has grown," added Kayani.

"The government and its international allies' attention to the security and defence forces has helped improve the capabilities of these forces as well as their determination and morale," added Kayani.

Sacrificing their lives for Afghanistan's sovereignty

"For the past 20 years, the Afghan security forces have sacrificed their lives for Afghanistan's sovereignty, territorial integrity and the dignity of Afghans with bravery and patriotism," said Gen. (ret.) Sikander Asghari, the former deputy director of the General Directorate of Local Police and a military affairs analyst in Kabul.

Despite the joint efforts of terrorist groups, "the security forces have never lost their morale in defending their country and people," he said. "They have firmly stood against these groups and thwarted all their evil motives."

"In addition to military training, the security and defence forces are taught Islamic principles and values, Afghan culture and patriotism, and this is why these forces protect their country and Muslim countrymen with higher morale," said Asghari.

"There is conflict in more than 10 provinces; our enemies are launching well-planned attacks, but our security forces foil their assaults with redoubled determination and destroy them," added Asghari. "

"The enhanced determination of our security forces has won the public trust, encouraging civilians to join the security forces and defend the lives of innocent Afghans," he said.

"The security and defence forces are the real children of this country who defend Afghanistan's territorial integrity, national values, independence and people with bravery while sacrificing their lives," said Yousuf Amin Zazai, a military affairs analyst in Kabul.

"The legitimacy of the security forces defending the country increases after every terrorist act in which innocent Muslims lose their lives," said Zazai.

"This has encouraged youth from around the country and from areas where conflict is ongoing to join the security forces so that they can defend their country and innocent civilians against the enemy," he said.

"As Afghans see that in addition to the security forces, their family members and relatives are killed in terrorist attacks while their security forces are fighting with their enemies, they are motivated to join these forces," added Zazai.

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There is no doubt that the Afghan army is the most honest and gallant army in the world, but unfortunately, these forces have always been the victims of terrorist attacks and used as firewood because of the wrong policies of the government leaders. Every day, Taliban and other terrorist groups come and martyr tens our security forces very cruelly, but the government does not care about them and the high ranking officials of the government come and just condemn the attacks. Can condemning solve the problem? They should make comprehensive plans and important decision in order to prevent the casualties of these forces.