Ukraine war threatens Russia's status on UN Security Council

By Caravanserai

The UN Security Council in September. [Ed Jones/AFP]

The UN Security Council in September. [Ed Jones/AFP]

Russia's war on Ukraine and the human rights abuses that followed its February invasion have damaged its reputation on the world stage and set in motion a push to have it removed from the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

Ukraine has previously lobbied for Russia to be removed from the global body.

US lawmakers who sit on the Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) have introduced a bill in the US Congress that calls on the United States to boot Russia from the council, Foreign Policy magazine reported December 14.

The Helsinki Commission wants Congress to argue that Russia's war has violated the "purposes and principles of the United Nations", and asks government agencies to limit Russia's privileges at the UN, the magazine said.

Forensic technicians carry a body bag at the site of a mass grave in a forest on the outskirts of Izyum, eastern Ukraine, on September 18. Ukrainian authorities discovered about 450 graves outside the formerly Russian-occupied city of Izyum with some of the exhumed bodies showing signs of torture. [Juan Barreto/AFP]

Forensic technicians carry a body bag at the site of a mass grave in a forest on the outskirts of Izyum, eastern Ukraine, on September 18. Ukrainian authorities discovered about 450 graves outside the formerly Russian-occupied city of Izyum with some of the exhumed bodies showing signs of torture. [Juan Barreto/AFP]

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Russian Council for Strategic Development and National Projects via video link outside Moscow on December 15. [Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik/AFP]

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Russian Council for Strategic Development and National Projects via video link outside Moscow on December 15. [Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik/AFP]

The legislation states that Russia has committed "flagrant violations" of the UN Charter that call into question its right to hold a Security Council seat.

Among these violations are "the illegal annexation vote in four Ukrainian oblasts [provinces], the perpetration of atrocities in Ukrainian cities such as Bucha, nuclear sabre-rattling and creating risks to the world's food supply", Foreign Policy said.

The legislation is not legally binding but "solidifies thinking" about how to curb Russian influence, the magazine noted.

War crimes and atrocities

In a mid-November address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russian soldiers of committing more than 400 war crimes and "atrocities" in Kherson province, which Russia illegally annexed on September 30.

"The Russian army left behind the same savagery it did in other regions of the country it entered," he said.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin in September said his office had documented 34,000 potential war crimes committed by Russian forces and is mounting a case for genocide, the BBC reported.

"Mass burial sites have been found in several parts of Ukraine previously occupied by Russian troops, including some holding civilian bodies showing signs of torture," it said.

"In April, over 400 bodies of civilians were found in Bucha, a town on the outskirts of Kyiv. In September, 450 bodies -- mostly of civilians -- were found in mass graves in Izyum, in Kharkiv region."

"In March, Russian forces carried out an air strike on a theatre in Mariupol which was being used as a refuge for children," the BBC added. "A hospital in Mariupol was also struck in March."

On March 23, almost one month after Russia invaded Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that in the assessment of the US government, "members of Russia's forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine".

Russian President Vladimir Putin has "unleashed unrelenting violence that has caused death and destruction across Ukraine" since launching an unprovoked and unjust war of choice, Blinken said.

"We've seen numerous credible reports of indiscriminate attacks and attacks deliberately targeting civilians, as well as other atrocities," he said.

"Russia's forces have destroyed apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure, civilian vehicles, shopping centres and ambulances, leaving thousands of innocent civilians killed or wounded."

"Many of the sites Russia's forces have hit have been clearly identifiable as in-use by civilians," he added, including the Mariupol maternity hospital.

Russia's reputation tarnished

Russian military operations in Ukraine have severely diminished Russia's reputation as a military power -- and called into question its superpower status.

In an October 11 interview with CNN, US President Joe Biden said Putin had "miscalculated significantly" in his invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said he did not think Russia would use a tactical nuclear weapon but warned that even Putin's threats have a destabilising effect that may cause potential errors in judgment.

"I think it's irresponsible for him to talk about it, the idea that a world leader of one of the largest nuclear powers in the world says he may use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine," Biden said.

"While the war has been a tragedy for Ukraine and Ukrainians, it has also proven a disaster for Russia -- militarily, economically and geopolitically," Brookings Institution senior fellow Steven Pifer wrote in a December 8 report.

"The war has badly damaged Russia's military and tarnished its reputation, disrupted the economy, and profoundly altered the geopolitical picture facing Moscow in Europe," he said.

"It will make any near-term restoration of a degree of normalcy in US-Russian relations difficult, if not impossible, to achieve."

The success of Ukraine's defence "has exposed the rotten reality behind Russia's reputation as a military superpower", Ukrainian former minister of defence Andriy Zagorodnyuk wrote in a September 13 Atlantic Council analysis.

"The Russian military's difficulties in Ukraine highlight the limitations of Putin's authoritarian rule," he said, noting that the Russian leader "fell victim to his own propaganda" with commanders "simply too scared to contradict him".

"The invasion force assembled in early 2022 was woefully inadequate for the task at hand, but Putin's personal obsession with the destruction of Ukraine meant that nobody dared to warn him of the dangers," he said.

"Instead, Putin's blind faith in the invincibility of the Russian army and his unhinged insistence on Ukraine's illegitimacy were allowed to prevail over more sober military judgments," he added.

The Russian military's new reliance on Iran -- an international pariah state that is near bankrupt as it also faces sanctions -- is just one example of the magnitude of the challenges before the Kremlin as defeat by its much smaller neighbour looms.

But it illustrates the level of desperation and isolation to which Russia has sunk as a result of its war on Ukraine.

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This Putin hypocrite broke all the boundaries of human rights and committed severe atrocities in Ukraine. Earlier, Russia killed innocent people in Grozny, Chechnya. Before that, the Soviet army of their ancestors killed innocent Afghans in Afghanistan. On the other hand, Afghanistan's famous news agency (Pajhwok News Agency) wrote that ((The head of a Chinese company has expressed interest in investing in the construction of water dams and energy production in Afghanistan)) I call on the new rulers of Afghanistan, who gained power in an undemocratic way but are now the rulers of Afghanistan, not to be deceived by the promises of the Chinese. These people are liars. It is foolish to believe their promises. They made agreements with the republic several times to extract the copper from the Miss Aynak mine in Logar, but again they reneged on their promise. If they still want to build power dams in Afghanistan, they should first build them on the Kunar River. On one side, electricity will be produced, and on the other side, the deserts of the eastern zone will become green. And if the Chinese, the sons of bitch want to produce electricity from coal, it is wrong. Because Afghanistan has very little coal that can be exhausted in 10-15 years. Then the coal-run power station will come to a standstill just like the Americans who built an oil-run power generation system in Kabul, but since Afghanistan does not have oil, it also does not work.


All your words are true, but does anyone dare to face Russia? Right now, the Russians are oppressing the people of Ukraine, and America and Europe can't do anything against Russia except condemning and publishing announcements. They are not even willing to expand their military aid out of fear of Russia. It is the principles of the world that the powerful can do whatever they want to. Like America, which attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries and leveled them to the ground, and no one dared to ask America why it committed so many crimes, why it destroyed a country with all its infrastructure, and why it has killed thousands of people.


Your words are not correct. If it were not for the power of America and Europe, Russia could take Ukraine within a week. The financial aid and weapons of America and Europe caused Russia to fail in the war in Ukraine. Of course, it is a fact that the people of Ukraine sacrificed not only financially, but also sacrificed their lives.


War is destruction and demolition that causes harm to humans, animals, and plants, injures them, kills them, and deprives them of the possibility of living. There is no war in the world in which even the winner admits that he has benefited. Leave the loser alone. War threatens our lives both physically and psychologically. In Afghanistan, it is often said that if Afghans do not want war, other people will not bring it to them. Still, I am against this because the Afghans are pushing toward a better life and development, but the intelligence agencies of other countries are pushing them to war and not letting them get rid of it. If we say that we (Afghans) fought for 40 years at the behest of others, we don't want it now because we want a competitive Afghanistan, and when we compete, the war should be put aside. Ukraine was an advanced country in every respect. Still, unfortunately, its president, who is a movie actor, chose war instead of peace and thought that this real war would also appear on the screen of Chroma like the war in the movie. It will end soon, but it didn't happen because of the ignorance of the President of Ukraine; this country collapsed, and people moved to other countries and lost everything, which may take decades to rebuild.


It is wrong to say that Ukraine wanted war. The people and president of Ukraine did not want war. Putin and the Putin administration wanted war. Otherwise, ordinary Russians did not want to go to war with Ukraine; however, the Russians who favored the war had their reasons. Their reason was why NATO should reach the border with Russia and why should the European Union expand. Who was right is a separate discussion, but war is destruction. When my mother was angry at someone, she used to say that their mouth was not filled even with the soil. If you look at one end of Russia and the other, it is as big as when it is eight 8:00 am at one end, it would be 10:00 pm at the other end, but Putin's administration was still greedy and started a war to take over Ukraine.


Russia attacked Afghanistan in 1977, and in this war, all the gains Afghanistan has made during the reign of Zahir Shah and Daud Khan were destroyed. Almost one million Afghans got martyred in the war with Russia and millions of people migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan and Iran. In this war, our agricultural lands dried up, our houses were bombed by Russian soldiers, schools were destroyed or turned into ruins in most provinces of Afghanistan. The poor people of Afghanistan immigrated in the same year 1977. It has been 45 years that we still have one and a half million immigrants in two neighboring countries. In 46 years, our neighboring countries have been taking advantage of most of these Afghan immigrants and they have made a number of immigrants to fight in Afghanistan for their purposes. If Afghanistan is in a bad state, it is because of the Soviets that the people of Afghanistan are facing problems until now. In Afghanistan, if it was a place of war or we were introduced to the world as terrorists, it was because of the Soviets who turned our safe and prosperous home into ruins. The people of Afghanistan are surprised by one thing that our Jehadi leaders, who were fighting against the Soviets, went to the Soviets and sat at the negotiating table without receiving any apology from the Soviets. Afghanistan was ruined by both the countries of Ukraine and Russia, when these two countries were one, and the poor people of Afghanistan were destroyed. May Allah destroy both