Government development projects give Herat residents hope for future

By Omar

While the Taliban's violence and attacks have stolen peace throughout Afghanistan, the Afghan government is providing hope for a better future by implementing development and rehabilitation projects and creating jobs for thousands of Afghans. [Omar]

HERAT -- While the Taliban's violence and attacks have undermined the prospects of peace throughout Afghanistan, the Afghan government is providing hope for a better future by implementing development and rehabilitation projects and creating jobs for thousands of Afghans.

"Work on 13 development projects is under way in various parts of Herat city and includes paving roads, constructing canals and boulevards and decorating some parts of the city," said Najibullah Habibi, spokesperson for Herat Municipality.

These projects are being implemented with 116 million AFN ($1.5 million) from the government budget and $370,000 (28 million AFN) provided by the World Bank, he said.

"The appearance of Herat city has changed with these development projects," he said. "Most of these projects are implemented in poor neighbourhoods, which has helped Herat city to prosper. The municipality is trying to build more facilities for residents of the city."

Workers lay asphalt on a road in Police District No. 8, Herat city, on November 8. [Omar] 

Workers lay asphalt on a road in Police District No. 8, Herat city, on November 8. [Omar] 

"This year, work is under way on two major road construction projects in Herat Province," said Sayed Abdullah Hemayat, director of the Herat Department of Public Works.

Construction of the 54km-long Armalak-Laaman highway (Herat-Badghis highway) project is 95% complete, and the rest of the project will be delivered by the end of the year, he said.

Meanwhile, construction of the 35km-long Herat-Chesht highway (Herat-Ghor highway) project has started, with a total cost of $23 million (1.8 billion AFN), and is 35% completed, he added.

"In addition to constructing these highways, we have rebuilt dozens of bridges that were destroyed by armed anti-government elements, and we repaired and maintained dozens of kilometres of highway," Hemayat said. "Repair and maintenance of highways and major bridges are always in progress."

Creating job opportunities

Implementing road construction and other development projects has created long-term jobs for thousands of residents of Herat Province, said Hemayat.

The Herat Department of Public Works has created 1,000 jobs for engineers and for skilled and unskilled labourers working on the province's highways, he said.

Muhammad Sarwar Hakimi, who works on a road construction project in Herat city, said he is happy he has a job that contributes to rebuilding the country.

"The monthly salary I receive in this job satisfies my household expenses," he said. "I am busy in the construction and rebuilding work of my city all day, but I don't feel tired at all."

"The construction and rehabilitation work in the city ... has made civilians hopeful," he said.

"I wish we had full security so that we don't see any destruction of our country's infrastructure and public property," he added.

Wakil Ahmad Muhammadi, an employee at Herat Municipality, also said he earns a good monthly salary that meets his household expenses.

"If there is no war, it will provide an opportunity for implementing more reconstruction projects, and many unemployed young Afghans will find jobs," he said.

"All young people hope to find a job and contribute to the development and reconstruction of their country."

"We expect the government to roll out more development projects so that unemployed young Afghans can find jobs in their country and cities and stop migrating to neighbouring countries [for work]," he said.

Looking forward to peace and prosperity

Herat residents say they are fed up with the Taliban's fighting and are calling on the group to renounce violence and to take an active role in Afghanistan's reconstruction and development.

Afghan government and Taliban negotiators have been meeting in Doha, Qatar, since September 12.

"When there is peace and security, the government can gain strength, and it won't experience war and [challenges from] the Taliban," said Nazir Ahmad, a resident of Herat city. "When the government becomes stronger, it will provide an opportunity for implementing development and construction projects."

"As a Muslim and an Afghan, I call on the Taliban to renounce violence and bloodshed and make peace for the sake of Allah, the Koran and the Prophet," he said. "If peace is upheld, we don't need to spend a huge amount of money on war, and we can spend that money on Afghanistan's reconstruction."

"The construction of roads and canals in the city has made things easier for the public," he said. "We can comfortably use the road in front of our houses during the winter and rainy season."

"It will protect us from dust in the summer," he said, referring to the paved surface.

"All Afghans are hopeful the peace negotiations in Doha will result in an outcome soon," said Abdul Zahir, a resident of Herat city.

Everyone hopes peace talks in Doha will be successful so that the bloodshed, war, assassinations and unrest will end and so that Afghans can begin a normal life, he said.

"The war has a huge cost, and if the budget for war is instead spent on development projects, Afghanistan will prosper," Zahir said. "We call on parties to the conflict to stop the war."

"The Afghan government is making efforts to provide facilities that can improve the lives of Afghans with the resources and budget it has in hand," said Jilani Farhad, spokesperson for the Herat governor.

If the budget that Kabul has to spend on a war imposed from outside went instead to rebuilding and implementing development projects, it would create thousands of jobs and contribute to the rebuilding of Afghanistan, he said.

"There is an increase in the number of development projects every year," Farhad said.

"The international community's aid has transformed Afghanistan, and now the appearance of cities has changed," he said. "Efforts are under way to ensure that the funding of these projects is not misused and that the projects delivered are of high quality."

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It is an occasion of pleasure as the reconstruction works are going on in the country and our country is getting built.


Development projects make all the citizens of the country hopeful for the future. It does not matter in which city or province a development project is implemented. If a development project is implemented in Herat province, the people of Badakhshan province will also be happy that one of the provinces of their country is being built. When a water dam is built in Helmand province, people of Nangarhar province are happy that the water problem is solved in one province. All Afghans are brothers with each other, and they are pleased by progress made in any part of Afghanistan.


Besides constructing of roads, factories should also be set up so that people can use their country's domestic products and job opportunities are provided for a number of our compatriots. Construction of a road is important, but the construction of the clinic, hospital and factory is more important than construction of the road. We still do not have a standard hospital in our country. Our people still go to Pakistan and India for treatment, and thousands of people wait in queues in front of the embassies of Pakistan and India every day to get visas. Millions of dollars were donated to Afghanistan by the international community, but nothing was done for the country's infrastructural sectors. We have made progresses in the field of education, but no progress has been made in the field of medicine. Most of the money which was donated to Afghanistan by donor countries, such as America and Europe was spent on the war, and some of it was embezzled by corrupt officials.


It is a good and beautiful report. Thanks a lot for writing it in a sweet and fluent Pashto language. I have heard that Herat is a beautiful city. Once I read in Wikipedia that Iran claims on Herat to be part of Iran. We have to keep our military force two times stronger in Herat to avoid any kind of evil measures from Iran. Iran and Pakistan both are centers of terrorism.