Trees along Kunduz highway become latest casualties in Taliban's war

By Hedayatullah

These undated photos show militants chopping down trees in Kunduz Province. [Kunduz governor's press office]

These undated photos show militants chopping down trees in Kunduz Province. [Kunduz governor's press office]

KUNDUZ -- Taliban fighters have cut down hundreds of trees along a highway in Kunduz Province in a bid to improve their ability to launch attacks on security forces, officials say.

The Taliban chopped down about 300 trees along 10km of the Kunduz–Takhar highway from Bagh-e-Miri village to Khwaja Pista village in a span of three days starting on May 4, said Esmatullah Muradi, a spokesperson for the Kunduz governor.

"Some of these trees were up to 40 years old," said Muradi. "It is unfortunate that the Taliban cut them down mercilessly."

A delegation has been assigned to investigate the incident and security forces will launch operations to stop the Taliban from continuing the practice, according to Muradi.

The militants took down the trees as they hindered their ability to attack vehicles on the road, said Farid Ahmadi, a bus driver who transports passengers on the Kunduz-Takhar highway.

"The level of threats to military vehicles travelling [on the highway] increased after the trees were felled," he said.

While the Taliban chopped some trees in half with a saw, they removed others entirely, said Safiullah Amiri, the deputy chairman of the Kunduz provincial council.

"We condemn this act of the Taliban," he said.

"We, the local population, have asked the Taliban not to cut down the trees, but they didn't listen to us," said Mohibullah Hakimi, a resident of Khwaja Pista village.

"The Taliban even forced locals to help them chop down the trees," he said.

Clearing operations planned

Hashmatullah Jalil, the director of the Kunduz Department of Environmental Protection, called the Taliban's act a breach of environment law.

"The Afghan government tries to protect and rehabilitate greenery so that the quality of air improves for citizens, but the Taliban are destroying the environment," he said.

"Under environmental law, those who cut down forests can face jail terms," said Jalil.

"Retaining greenery and planting trees reduce air pollution and safeguards human beings against respiratory diseases," he said.

The Taliban resorted to felling the trees to target vehicles because they feared clearing operations in the Qabr-e Qazi area of the Kunduz-Takhar highway, said Col. Abdul Hadi Jamal, a spokesman for the Afghan National Army's 217th Pamir Corps in Kunduz Province.

"We are seriously looking at this incident, and we're determined to identify and arrest those who issued the order to chop down these trees," he said.

"The 217th Pamir Corps plans to relaunch cleaning operations as soon as possible to destroy all the safe havens of the group along the highway," said Jamal.

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Hi dear respected readers, hope you doing good, unfortunately after seeing of these green trees that the destructive group have done that was very shameful work why they did such a thing with the nature what is the crime of nature there is no any title by the name of jihad against nature. as you aware that all enemy of our country want to destroy each and every region of Afghanistan and without thinking they do any kind of crime that they want. so our politician and all government leaders duty is to stand strong against the blind and black enemies of our beloved country Afghanistan. meanwhile, some of our leader did not paid attention in this matter and they did not show any serious reaction against the blind and black enemies of nature as will enemies of our beloved Afghanistan. finally after seeing of this shameful action by enemies of our country i didn't have any word to express it to you very bad and criminal action done by them may holy Allah damn them. thanks & regards Long Live Afghanistan and Death to Enemies of our country.


Taliban have turned into a destructive group for the people and the country. Neither the people nor the animals or the trees have their good day because of Taliban. Trees make an area green and beautiful, and when Taliban cut down the trees, that area loses its beauty; therefore, cutting down trees and forests by the Taliban is a treason and a cruelty against our people and our beloved country.


May God help Taliban reach to power once again and oust coward Ashraf Ghani from Arg (Presidential Palace). Ashraf Ghani betrayed the people's votes and made a deal with Abdullah Abdullah. From now on, Ashraf Ghani will be responsible for the situation in Afghanistan, because no one will support Ghani anymore, and you will see that people will support Taliban against this corrupt government, because chair (position) is important for the leaders of this government, money is important, power is important; people and country are not important for them. Death to the leaders of this criminal government.


Taliban cut down trees along Kunduz- Takhar highway so that the group can target Afghan security convoys passing by the road from distance. Taliban have planned to overthrow the current regime, because Ashraf Ghani is stubborn and the government does not become ready to hold talks with Taliban. Unfortunately, this government itself wants the war to continue in this country. The government does not care about killing of the people. The armies, police, and civilians that get killed, are all destitute and poor people. They joined the Afghan army because of getting salary. The children of Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah or any other traitorous leaders are not killed. Death to this incompetent government.


Part II: One of our compatriots said that he did not condemn ISIS or Taliban for attacking the maternity hospital, but he condemned the government for its failure in tightening the security. (He has said a very scholarly and fair statement). President, generals, officers, international organizations, the World Environment Agency, grocers, businessmen, social, cultural, political institutions, etc., all have condemned the attack. So what will be obtained by these condemnations?! I think only B-52 can solve all these condemnations. You copy a few foreign literary dialogues and say, "We condemn it. You promiscuous, cuckold, materialist and political traders! People have been perished. These are not sheep, they are human beings. We have condemned these killings for thousands of years and are condemning; what has been the result? It got worse than we expected.


I have a question from the respected politicians and dear coward statesmen. I didn't understand the meaning of condemnation, what does it mean? If a human being is killed, you condemn, if an animal is killed, you condemn, if a tree or a plant is cut, you condemn. What does it mean? Well, what will you get if you put these condemnations on the top of each other, make a heap and a big stock of condemnations? I request a clever person to give me an answer. I think if a person commits a crime and is arrested by the police, he is called a suspect until his verdict is issued by the judge, and after the issuance of the verdict, he will be found criminal if he is guilty, and the criminal will be sentenced by the verdict of the judge according the law of Sharia that has been stated for him. This ruling must be enforced by the government. If the judge's verdict is not enforced by the government, what should be done, and what will happen to the fate of the people?